"Floody" reflector for XHP70?

I’m going in circles looking for a reflector for the XHP70 that is designed with the intent of providing a floody beam. I don’t want quite as floody as a completely exposed LED, but perhaps 120 degrees. I am making a housing for the lights, so they do not have to be any particular size, I will accommodate whatever does the job.
These will be for simply turning night into day while in remote places, so I do not need a beautiful beam or anything.

Or is the best solution to buy a few cheap landscaping floodlights at Walmart and strip the reflectors out of them?

TIR optics from the likes of Carclo and Ledil are an option. The come in various sizes and levels of diffusion and beam angles. Mouser and digikey sell them. There are a lot of reflectors on KaiDomain. They also sell glass lenses. Shipping from China may take a few weeks. Mtn electronics has C8 reflectors and some lenses. You might have to re-machine the reflector opening of a C8 reflector. If using a reflector, to make your light more diffuse you could apply some DC fix (diffusion film) to the lens. You could make it a removable or flip diffuser in case you want more throw momentarily. Flashlightlens.com sells some glass lenses and they can cut plastic lenses to any size.

In general the size of the reflector determines the beam size. A small reflector makes a wide beam. Something like a convoy S2+ reflector would make a very floody beam with a xhp70.

small OP reflector plus some lens frosting maybe?

Thanks everyone for the feedback! I have narrowed my choices to one of the Ledil Flare lenses or an S2+ OP reflector.