Flush Light "The only way to go"

We are in the middle of a revolution. LED's are cheap and practical, and are being used EVERYWHERE.

Does anybody else have any odd uses for LED's?

BTW, I saw this in a Dollar Store, If you want one you better hurry before there is a "run" on them.

Might be a real problem ordering that thing if you are a bad typist and get Flushlight and Fleshlight confused...

LOL What are they gonna think of next?

Man, my dollar store sucks.

I'm going to put a SST-90 in that at 9A.

"Hey Honey, come take a look....it looks like the Starbuck's mermaid ! "

OK...I fail to see the benefits.

Think about it...after doin' your business in complete dark, you're gonna hit the lever and see your contribution to society circling and falling into the abyss?

No thanks. Black holes scare me enough as it is.

And yet, who are we to judge....even if they go for both...at the same time?

Lots of girls nowadays wave using 2 fingers....what is that?

And, whatup with the 9 volt battery? I know it goes in the lever, but what if someone tosses it in the tank, thinking it works like a brick?

Do you mean when they have their fingers in a “V” and stick their tongues through them?

Yeah, is that kind of like the "Piece" sign? Opps, I must have meant "Peace" sign...my speelling turribull

Thats one crappy light.

Now that’s a flashlight that, as soon as you open it, may as well go right in the crapper.

I can’t wait to see the infomercial!

That just cracked me up !!!

Good one.

hehe the only limit is your imagination xD

+1 for the Chinese gadgets XD