Folding knife?-nonelocking <3"blade,not heavy

I'm after a cheap Dealextreme (or similar) knife to take on over night bikepacking trips (like backpacking, but on a bike) so nothing too bulky/heavy.

Im after a folding knife, it must not lock in its open position (UK law generally doesnt like people carrying locking knifes) and likewise <3" sharpened blade length (again UK law is trickier for carrying something longer than this).

It doesnt need to be anything great, it will just be used to cut the odd guy rope, whittle the odd stick etc.

I thought I had the perfect one on DX, but turned out it locks. Any ideas folks?

I’d risk it and carry the sanrenmu 763, it’s perfectly legal if you have use for the knife but if you must have unlocking I’d still stick with sanrenmu and go for this
I can’t vouch for the store at all, it was just first up on google search.

Opps, just noticed they are out of stock anyway, Exduct have the family set so you could have a spare and gift one. They are good sellers ime too

Maybe the Sanrenmu H02 ? (another video here) At DD with a 20% discount.

Yep, it has to be the Sanrenmu H02 BTW do sell them singly not just the 3 piece set. See here.

If you fancy spending a bit more then browse through the UK Legal Knives on this UK site. All knives linked from this page are UK legal. My favorite is this one.

Try Discoverybargain. Their reputation isn't what it could be but thier prices aren't bad. The last one I ordered had blue scales instead of the amber coloured ones.

Thanks, Ive not had much time to check them all out in detail and look further, Yes the Boker is a thing of beauty but sadly over budget. unfortunately Im just not liking the styling of the Sanrenmu Ho2, the 738 in the video looks really nice though but is locking blade.(and yeah likewise the sanrenmu 763 looks nice, but as i say I really want to avoid the locking blade).

Maybe something more military-style looking? Do you know the forums? They have many suggestions regarding an UK legal knife.

I would suggest an Opinel. No.5 is 6 cm (2.4 inch) blade and it doesn't lock. Plus you get to chose stainless or carbon blade.

You're right. I knew for my main purpose I could carry a locking, I thought there would be plenty of knifes available that would be legal as an EDC so it would make sense to get one so I could leave it in the car boot or whatever, but yeah I now realise that there arent many cheap uk legal EDC's, as I say, Im not a fan of the sanrenmu Ho2's looks.

The sanrenmu 763 looks very nice (Ive checked out some youtube vids etc) so Ive ordered one :) and figure I will only carry it when justified, and leave a nonelocking multitool in the car boot. Thank you for the recommendation.

Hiya Bunk3r, small world eh?

Glad to see you've found a solution. I know what you mean about the SRM H02, it's an odd looking thing.

Let us know how you get on with the 763, looks nice.

Yep, as above I decided to go with locking as it wont be used as an EDC.

And the good news is my sanrenmu 763made it passed customs, and past the wife.

Im not into knifes as such so I dont have anything to compare it to but it is light yet feels very solid, small but useable, I am very impressed with the quality of it, and I really like the looks (yeah things probably shouldnt be judged on looks, but oh well it makes me smile).

The SRM knives are very good quality for the price. How good? Well if Sal thinks SRM are good enough to build knives for spyderco they must be doing something right.