Folomov EDC C2

Folomov has released a new light with E21A powered by 14300 cell. The cell features USB charging circuit so it’s probably regular 14250 with a circuit adding 5 mm. :slight_smile:

54.4 mm length, 18.5 mm diameter.
UI is a bit saner than that of their previous lights.

I really like it. :slight_smile:

What are you seeing that’s different than their other UI?

Direct access to moonlight.

Yeah i have the EDC C4 and the UI is TERRIBLE!

4 levels, L M H T M L —if you want to go down one level you have to cycle 5 times
it goes to strobe if you try it too fast, also
long press for on, and also for off

(i see this new one continues the up/down annoyance with one less step - L M H M L)


I like it. How much?

14300 cell?, why?, can they make it fit popular 14500 cell?

I thought that the 18650S had direct access to moonlight?

I returned my 18650S shortly after I received it, because I didn’t like the wave mode sequence, and mine didn’t always go to the last used mode from moonlight - often went from moonlight to Turbo, regardless of what mode it was in when turned off.

I’ll be watching for reviews of this little light to see what users think of it.

I looked at the linked web page:

It appears that the UI might be exactly the same as the 18650S. This means that I most likely won’t even try it.

I really like the mode spacing, but the run times on High and Turbo are pretty anemic.

I missed that, I only looked closer at their EDC lights. So it’s not a news.
The wavy mode switch doesn’t bother me much - though I don’t see the point of it. I dislike mode memory more - even though I do see its point. But that’s a common misfeature.

But then it would be a light with mediocre performance, mediocre UI and mediocre price for its class. :smiley:
Now it’s probably the only rechargable light in the 14250-14300 class. And the one with the best LED. And has moonlight. It suddenly becomes a quality offering. :smiley:

Identical length to Olight S1 mini? S1 mini is slightly fatter, but I'd pick it every time over using a 14300/14250 cell

The light weight, small size, proper clip orientation for hat brim use and high CRI emitter make it tempting to try for hat brim use.

The main obstacles to my purchase of this light are the UI and sucky run-times at High and Turbo.

Another concern is that in the pictures, the clip looks like it might have to be opened up a bit at the deep end in order to allow thicker seams at the top of some jeans pockets.


That probably accounts for the dismal run times.

I have 2 18650S’s and switched the LED to an XP-L Hi. It does have direct access to Moonlight (Long press from off) and even though I am not a fan of the ascending and descending UI, it’s not the worst I have ever used. The size of the light is what I like the most and the XP-L Hi helps with heat and adds a little throw. The 219D is horrible in that light.
I didn’t even know that an 18300 cell existed. 18500 or 18350 would make more sense.

Edit- I would also like to add that Folmov’s customer service is very good. Took a couple of weeks but the issue I had with my 18650S was resolved by them sending me a new tail cap assy. I was extremely happy with them.

It’s not 18300. It’s 14300. Mostl likely constructed out out 14250 and protection circuit which lengthens it to 14300.

it will be a bit pricey

I’m surprised they didn’t fold up shop after that 18650s hand burner / tint shifter fiasco

Was tempted until I saw the strange cell format and UI.

Olight s mini is still the best extremely small flashlight after all these years. EDIT: only if you change the led of course

This is much slimmer than any 16340 light. Which - for me - is precisely the point.