Folomov Tour B4 —review


I have used the Folomov Tour B4 for almost a month now and I wanted to share my impressions of this light.

I rarely use a holster because I prefer a pocket clip. The size of the light is comfortable in the pocket, but I gave the holster a try this month. It was more comfortable and useful than I imagined. It holds the extra battery securely, and on a belt the extra weight is negligible. I usually wear some of the anodizing off a light by this point, but it shows no wear which may be due to the holster carry… While the nylon parts of the holster should last years, the elastic that holds the battery may eventually get looser and no longer be secure. For days when I do not have a free pocket this is my new EDC.

The included USB cord can charge the flashlight or be used as a power bank to charge a phone etc. I have never used a light with a charger onboard, so always kept a backup battery and only used the charging function a couple times. A green or red indicator under the button shows when it is charging or charged. I found the need to use it as a backup charge option for a phone happened more than I expected. That I can seem to remember to charge my flashlight batteries, but not my phone everyday shows my priorities.

Green indicator light comes on behind the button when the light is on. It would be nice if it could be turned on when the light was off so that I can find it in the dark. Especially since the USB cover feels similar enough that I tried to push that to turn it on more than once.

The included battery is a 2600 mAH battery and does not run as long as the description states. I have a 3400 mAH battery as backup which more closely matches the specifications.

Having the charging and power bank functionality almost makes it worth the $44 price on Amazon. I have seen a few deals on Bangood around lately if you are outside the US. It seems they are trying for the Nitecore/Jetbeam/ Wuben price point on their products. Only time will tell if their quality, durability, and customer service warrants that.

They do have a Tour B4M version with a slightly larger reflector for greater throw (352 meters vs. 268 meters for the standard version) That version also comes with a stainless steel looking bezel. Both come with a CW emiter.

Amazon linkClick here

What’s the main mode sequence, and any hidden modes? Are blinkies in the main sequence? HML or LMH?

I got the Camp D4 (tailswitch), and it’s a really nice light, but strobe in the main sequence bugs me. And I’m not really a fan of HML and much prefer LMH.

I’m hoping that the sideswitch kinda fixes things (press’n’hold, doubleclick, etc.).

If it’s like the EDC-C4 it’s LL-L-M-H and back down in reverse order with subsequent presses. Strobe is a double click from off (I think).

They asked me to review the EDC-C4 but would not provide the light for free. I had to post a review then they would provide reimbursement. Easy to guess if they did not like the review, they would not be sending any money. They did not like that I wanted some time to actually use the light before posting my thoughts.

Hmmmm. Wellp, at least no blinkies in the main cycle. One of the early Sofirns (SP31/SP32?) had that up’n’down mode thing.

Long press for on
Low medium high turbo high medium low repeat
Long press for off

Retains mode memory even through a battery change. So I forgot it has modes, just keep it at the medium.

Double click for strobe double click to go through three beacon modes single click back to normal

Yeah, Amazon doesn’t like free/discounted stuff in exchange for reviews. First, you don’t get “verified purchase” next to the review, and second, they’d likely just reject the review altogether if you even hinted at it.

Still, it’d be silly for any mfr to even try withholding reimbursement. After all, all you’d have to do is return it via Amazon’s a-to-z guarantee, and not even lose a penny, not even to ship it back. (Don’t try that with GB, BG, etc., though!!)

True, you don’t have the light anymore, but the mfr gets zinged by Amazon (they don’t like returns!), and, there’s nothing stopping you from panning it in a review, like, “Ugh, this wasn’t at all what I expected! It sucks! I’m sending back the light for a refund!”, or something to that effect.

Ouch. :smiling_imp:

So, most cases, you’d get something which doesn’t suck, but if it does, well, you can still be honest and at worst be aggravated sending back the whutsit after using it for free for a little while. You wouldn’t want to keep junk anyway.

In my own back’n’forth, I was told that the main push is to review on Amazon, and that a review that’s “too professional” might not look good. So a simple, “Wow! Bright much! Many light! So shiny! Wow!” would be preferable. Mmm, okay. I can do that. :smiley:

Kewl, tnx. Guess that covers all the bases, for the LMH and HML crowds. :smiley:

True enough I was not worried about getting screwed over. I could easily remedy that. Something about the guy’s tone I didn’t go for I guess. Oh well I certainly have plenty of lights!

Yeah, the whole back’n’forth seemed kinda rushed. Like, “yeah, yeah, whatever, just review 5-stars”. :smiley:

Still, the D4’s a nice light, and I just keep it set on high, unless I accidentally jiggle the switch when half-pressing it, and it steps down the next-lower level. :expressionless:

Probably would’ve been better off with the B4 or C4, admittedly. If I could lobotomise the D4 to just be stuck on high, I’d be kewl with that.

Yes the agenda was clear, free light for 5 star review.