Football fan!

Words are useless here…

Hey mate have you been watching the Euros?

What a nice calm guy. I’d invite over to watch a game….lol!

I consider myself a rather phlegmatic Dutchman. But even I would tell the woman who uploaded this: why don’t you sleep at your mothers place. Take your time, I’m not counting the months. Unless this was ment to be a public break-up.

I’m surprised it took him that long to smash the tv in. :smiling_imp:

I love your team Sneijder is my favorite player.

Yeah m8 i adore the english team, was quite happy when they nuked Russia :slight_smile:

My family is Italian so i usually follow Italy we have been doing okay with a mediocre team i don’t think we will win but you never know. Germany is as always a team to beat! I don’t think England will go to far i do follow Liverpool in EPL they could do well with a few changes to there team maybe bring back Gerrard :+1:

I laughed at this video. That said, when I see what’s going on in this world with terrorism on the news, I end up yelling at the TV. That’s where it ends though. This guy has major issues.

Turkeys :person_facepalming: !