For free: Maglite XL100 tailcap electronics

I recently got a Maglite XL100 with a leaked battery pack. I want to use the host for a modding project and have no need for the electronics that were in tailcap.

These are responsible for the mode changes, depending on the rotation angle of the light. So I guess there is a kind of level gauge installed. Only I cannot say whether they still work properly, as I could not test the light. I had to destroy some main parts of the light in order to get out the battery holder.

Maybe someone has an idea how to use it in his own project. I would give them away for free, you just pay for the actual shipping costs.

Thanks for the offer. I was tempted but the driver will not fit into anything I can think of.

But - I would be interested to know what is written on these two chips…

Diameter is 19 mm, hight 7 mm without the plastic pins.

On the big chip it written:

A848 (or maybe A849, hard to see)

On the medium one:


On the small one:

The XL uses the standard Maglite pill, this is one with a Rebel LED. It light up when applying 3.6 V. I think that the tailcap electronics are only responsible for the mode changes.

I’d take it if it’s still up for grabs….

Shipping from Germany to Pittsburgh may not be that cheap…

Shipping could be 2 $ actually, I will check it in a minute. Need your detail then, crz6662.

fancy micro in that board.
bout time mag got with the times.

Thanks for the info, tuelleric.

The larger chip is an ATtiny84V (QFN/MLF package, 12 I/O pins, low speed version) and the medium one is a LIS33DE 3-axis motion sensor.

Micro controllers are not really my business, I have to admit.

I just think that Maglite should rather have put some engineering effort to other things than to this fancy UI. From the video I saw it was not that intuitive…

Hey tuelleric,
Any word on that shipping charge ?