**FOR SALE: 7 EDC-able Lights** - ALL SOLD

Hi, I need to move some lights on to their new forever homes, they’re in excellent condition except as noted. I’m posting here first to give you all a shot, then they go to ‘that other place’. Here’s a really crappy picture to show you what we’re dealing with.

UltraFire ZB-006 1x18650 Flood-to-Throw SOLD
Streamlight Stylus Pro 2xAAA Penlight SOLD
NiteCore EC1 SOLD
Defiant 2AA dedomed (apparently de-phosphored as well, blue light special, probably will give it away with purchase of another light) GIFTED
iTp A3 1xAAA (tail ground down to tailstand, and EDCed quite a bit so it’s FAR from flawless) SOLD
Convoy S5 1x18650 2.8A w/XML2 U2 1A (SMO reflector) SOLD
Olight i6 1x18650 (not pictured) SOLD

PM me with offers if that’s legal here, if not I’ll add prices, let me know. Package deals are GOOD! Sorry, 48 states only.


I don’t think there’s a single Nitecore light I’ve seen that I don’t like looking at; however, I only own 1 because they’re so bloody expensive. :frowning:

I may be interested in the defiant 2AA, but I need to do a bit of research first.

Good luck with your sale.

I’d be all over the EC1 if I wasn’t already in trouble with the missus LOL.

This one got dedomed and the beam turned blue. Buy one of the other lights and you’ll get this one free!


…and let’s face it, we’ll ALways be in trouble with the missus, go ahead and buy it! How ’bout $32, they seem to be going for around $45 these days. :wink:

The EC1 is SOLD. Thanks!

Convoy S5 2.8A w/XML2 U2 1A (SMO reflector) - yhpm.

All PMs responded to, everything is still available except for the EC1! :beer:

Olight i6 is SPF.

Soiled by a Pink Flamenco? I'd sell it too.

Heehee, now it’s just plain old…SOLD!! :smiley:

Which iTp A3 is that? Is that the three level? I am looking for something that can be used on a Stylus 1xAAA body with no memory. Maybe the iTp and the Stylus Pro.

Sorry, it’s the latest version, the EOS ‘Upgrade’ XP-G R5 model with L-M-H. There is no memory.

That’s about what I was looking for. I’ll send a PM regarding A3 and the Pro.

Still available?

PMs replied.

Please do, thanks!


Only the ZB-006 FTT and iTp A3 remain.

Package deal on these 2…both for $14

Get’em while they’re hot! :wink:

I will take them TallboyBass. Pm me your paypal.

PMed you, Manx. Thanx!!