For sale heavily modded SP03 price reduced to $120 free shipping in the US $110 an exact shipping for overseas.

Ok here we go again. Up for sale tonight is a heavily modded SP03. This light is amazing. It's a TK75 killer. With high amp batteries it will do 4,500 lumens and over 350kcd. With regular batteries it's about 4,000 and over 300kcd.

The driver was modded, the wires were upgraded, the springs were modded, the emitters were de-domed and reflowed onto noctigons. The light is in mint condition.

I just got done taking these pics the first picture is a stock SP03 and the second is this modded one. These were both taken with fully charged Sanyo 2600's.

Price reduced to $120 and free shipping for anyone in the US

$110 plus actual shipping for everyone else.

As usual first PM gets the light

The funds it would be a no brain er I am hurting for a mega thrower good luck I hope you get what you want for it’

Thanks, Although if I was you and looking for a mega thrower I would go with a modded TK61 that is an unreal thrower. This one throws really well, better than a stock BTU shocker by far. But, it’s no modded TK61. What it does do though is throw and flood. This one doesn’t only throw it lights up everything out in front along the way!

I love these SP03’s modded, they are simply bad to the bone. They are a pain in the back side to mod though. This is the fifth one I’ve done and I think I pretty much have it down now.

bump for a beast of a light. i actually have one of these sp03s of the 5 hite built so far, and lemme tell ya. its something else.
it is very very bright and throws a ton. the handle is a great addition as well, makes it easier to carry while walking. makes the light seem lighter for some reason too.
and it can still tailstand

its actually more compact than it looks, dont let the size of the head fool you. the body is much smaller in size. heat is not an issue with this light

Just a bump and wanted to say that I am also willing to trade as well. In fact whenever I list anything I’ll always consider trades if it’s something I’m looking to pick up.

Sold but I’ll have another one done before long. If anyone wants the next one just let me know.

OK I finished another one. This one has noctigons for stars. Great light and I’ll start it at the discounted price.

As usual first PM gets it.