For Sale J-19 4,500 lumen monster $110 free shipping. (sold)

Ok up for sale is my J-19 this has been further modded so that it pushes 4,500 lumens with 300kcd throw. Heavy gauge wire, noctigons, XM-L2’s. Two are de-domed one is not. This gives it amazing throw and flood with a very nice tint. The driver is the lightmalls version of the IO or LCK driver it has also been modded.

$110 free shipping in the US

$105 plus actual shipping to anyone else.

This will absolutely smoke a stock BTU shocker and gets way better run time and carries easier too.

First PM gets this beast of a light.


You were quick on the draw there! :_( lol Good job. Looks like a fun light. I will be back up to Flowmotion. :money_mouth_face: