FOR SALE: JETbeam, ThruNite, Fenix, Olight and more

Hey all…

Coming back to the flashlight seen Im super keen to start a new project, Although my partner aka the “Ball and chain” isnt to keen on me “wasting” money on more flashlight paraphernalia LOL. So… Ive taken the hit and am surrendering a few flashlights to fund any future fun.

Flashlights are located in Australia and prices exclude postage

JETbeam DDR30 (Perfect condition) $220 $200ono
Used less then 2 hours
Includes original box, car charger, lanyard, spare o-rings and papers

JETbeam RRT-3 (Great condition) OFFER
(Discontinued single led model)
Used less then 5 hours
Includes original box, spare o-rings, clicker boot and papers

JETbeam WL-S4 (Brand new) $140 $120ono
Taken out of blister packaging although never had the chance to use.
Includes lanyard, spare o-rings, clicker boot and papers.

Thrunite TN30 (Perfect condition) $200ono
Used less the 3 hours ( Modded LED’s reflowed XML to XML-U2)
Includes original case, holster, spare o-rings, x2 lanyards and papers

Fenix TK41 (Good condition paint chip on tail) $120 $100ono
Used approx 13hours
Includes original case, lanyard, spare o-rings, papers

Olight M3X Triton (Good condition) OFFER
Used approx 20 hours
Does not have original case (Flashlight only with extension )

BTU Shocker (Perfect condition) $130ono
Used less then 1 hour
Includes original box, spare o-rings, spare clicker boot and lanyard

BlackShadow Darth (Perfect condition) OFFER
Used less then 1 hour
Does not include original packaging (Flashlight only + spare o-ring)

You’ve got some nice lights there. I would love to have the Shocker but shipping sucks to and from Australia.

BTU Shocker inquiry sent.
Offered me a great deal but the shipping is pure madness. I can’t bring myself to pay that much even though these are getting rarer and plus I already have a Tom E. BTU Shocker. I do have a strong desire for a stock one.
Thank you!!
Somebody better snap this BTU Shocker up before I change my mind……. :face_with_monocle:

Good luck. Thats the one Id grab if I were in Aus.

I would love to mod the BTU Shocker although I wouldnt know what to do with it aswell as the thing weighs a tonne.