For Sale: Roche LS01 - MT-G2 at 11+amps

I bought the LS01 as host from Simon almost a year ago, and added a 5000k MT-G2 on Noctigon and a FET driver with simple 3-mode UI. On new 30Q’s it pulls ~11.5amps on Turbo; good for about 4000 emitter lumens according to Djozz’s tests. The smooth reflector works very well with the big emitter, giving a big, defined hotspot. Note: There is no low-voltage-protection on this driver, so you will need to be careful with your cells in this light.

$80 $75 Shipped in US

Wow, that is really nice. I have not been brave enough to build a high voltage big emitter light yet. I think I am going to part with my L3 and maybe start on one. But then again the L3 would be a good platform to work from… but it is already built and I do not want to pull it down and start again.

Nice solid host that one. Must get hot at 11 amps though. GLWS

This host is well made and has lots of fins, but it definitely gets hot on fresh cells.

Price drop

PM sent.

Sale Pending