For sale Sanyo blue tops 18650's SOLD

Ok so I’ve been ripping and shredding and testing and sorting. These are Sanyo blue tops from used laptops from our fellow member. You can see his add if you would prefer to buy from him directly. We are kinda working together on these. For now I’m only selling the ones that I consider to be like new. After I have gone through more of them I might offer some of the less than great ones for a bulk discount price. For now though it’s just the very best ones.

Ask if you want me to solder a top on them, otherwise I will ship them out as flat-tops.

I’m selling these for $1 each. Shipping is $5 for as many as you want, priority mail.

I have shipped enough of these overseas now to post a general price guide for shipping costs.

10 batteries is $20 for most countries
20 batteries is $25
30 batteries is $30

It might vary by a little bit for each country but so far that has been the cost for most of the countries I have shipped to. For instance Canada is cheaper and South Africa is more. However, most countries are right in this price range.

What does it take for one of these to be classified as like new? mAh rating?

Well I suppose it’s a judgement call. But for me it has to have plastic that is close to perfect, not all ripped up like on a lot of them. But more importantly that the mAh rating is what it should be and that they are all holding their charge. Li-ion batteries are Low Self Discharge. A small amount is OK and even expected in a new battery. These ones are keeping a charge as if they were new batteries. The ones that I will sell at the end will still keep most of their charge after a couple days off the charger, but not good enough to be “like new”. The rest of course are junk and will get tossed in the recycle bin.

Must resist, resistance is not futile…

LOL I hear ya! :bigsmile: This place can sure be hard on the pocket book.

i know, that X6 weighs heavily on my conscience

Count me in for 8 cells. How can I resist at that price? Are these unprotected?

PM sent.

Could you ship to Toronto, Canada? If so, how much to ship 10 of them? Thanks.

I’ll look it up and send you a PM, in a Minute.

PM replied to.

Shipping for ten batteries to Canada would be $10 so $20 total.

For the guys who paid yesterday your batteries are on the way.

I will take 10. PM me with payment info

what state are these batteries in? salvageable? any nicks/dents? sanded off tabs? or any irregularities? Also can u guarantee say 1000mah minimum capacity? Also specs such as are the lenght, are they64mm? or exactly 65mm? I’ve pulled a few laptop ones before and I find keeping some solder and tabs on and bending them over helps the tailcap compression and helps alot since I’m using mostly protected batteries.

Howdy these are pretty much mint. The wrappers are all intact there is no glue residue. They used a wrap instead of glue. Maybe a couple little tacky spots from the wrap but nothing like glued ones. They pull apart very clean. The tabs are also coming off very easy. I knocking down any of the little bits of aluminum left after pulling them apart so no sharp stuff left on them. I can guarantee at least twice the 2000mAh minimum capacity.

They are Sony 2,600mAh batteries. The red top ones are 2,200 but you know how that goes. All of these are testing out at over 2,000 from each of the packs that I have pulled so far.

Are these unprotected cells I assume?

Yep unprotected.

I have purchased batteries from 18sixfifty before…on two separate occasions and batches

If he testes them and deems them “like new” or even “good enuff” GET THEM!

I also got batteries from Hagg911 (the same ones 18sixfifty is testing)

If you need GREAT budget batteries…these guys won’t let you down…get them, they also work impeccably in mobile power units, the blue tops are 2600mAh and they are true to theIR rating

If you have some Flashlights that use drivers with direct drive on high, these will amaze you at the additional output they can draw.
Some of the green wrapper Sony’s from previous laptop lulls of mine come close, but these are better.
The tops are flat so a solder blob is a good idea.

For the guys who paid, your batteries are on the way and I sent you a tracking number. If you paid and didn’t get one please PM me. I’m pretty sure though that everyone got their tracking number. The numbers will start working sometime this evening. Small town post office.

For anyone still interested I have a bunch more charged and tested and ready to go.