for sale: Solarforce L2C with Pflexpro 3.8a drop in

Light in very good condition. Copper wrapped Pflexpro drop in, braided tailcap spring, AR lens, pocket clip. Comes with 4.35v battery. Xp-v6 3c tint or close to it. I can’t find the sheet with lumen output. used buffing compound on carbon fiber to give it a shinier finish. Standard finish is kinda flat. Looking for about 75obo shipped. Or trade?I also have a triple 219b Convoy s2. Fet+7135 driver, elliptical spot lens

S2 is sold! I can build another with triple xp-g2 LEDs, fet+7135 driver

hi I just sent you a PM re the convoy.

Triple xp-g2 built… 40 shipped to US. Not sure of tint bin but super close to a 219b or 219c

You might want to edit the title or start another thread altogether if you have another light for sale. Might help your chances. :slight_smile:


65 shipped for l2c

L2c sold pending payment!