For Sale two SST-40 lights (Sold)

For sale today are two lights with the new SST-40 emitters.

The first is a C8 It's got a BLF FET driver 3 modes A very low low, medium and high, Incredible amount of lumens for such a small light. The emitter is a very white white. 7000k.

The second light is a tube light by Yuppard. It's got a FET+1 driver in it with the same three modes. Also crazy bright especially with the very high amp batteries. (use with caution, these lights will get hot fast on high when using super high amp batteries). Both have the emitters mounted on noctigons.

First PM gets the lights, $40 free shipping in the US. That price is for both lights.

$35 and exact shipping for everyone else.

What kind of output are we talking about? Also, could you repost the pictures?

I don't really trust my equipment enough to give exact lumens. But you can look at the testing that's been done on these to get a rough estimate. Of course it also depends on the batteries used. I think that it's safe to say though, that 1,500 lumens OTF is going to be hit fairly easy on high, that's being conservative. The drivers both have super low resistance FET's and the wires are very short so not much resistance there either.

So you are not using the BLF drivers from Banggood? The pictures won’t show with photobucket.

I might be interested if the shipping to Sweden is reasonable. It will also give me a change to dedome the sst-40!

I don’t use Banggood Drivers, I make my own drivers. I use the term BLF because they were developed by the guys on here. I also program the drivers and can put pretty much whatever modes you want on them. I usually just put very simple modes though, because that’s what I prefer. I’m not big into a thousand hidden modes. I’ve got too many lights to remember what I have downloaded onto each driver. I’d need to put sticky notes on them all or something. LOL

Shipping is fairly reasonable to Sweden, I’ve shipped there often. At a guess I’d say it will be $15 so a total of $50.

The pics don’t show… :open_mouth:

Hmmm, Thanks for letting me know. I did them exactly like I always do. Forwarded from photobucket. They show up for me, but not you guys? That’s really strange. I’ll see if I can find another way to post them.

Hm, that second one is interesting. Please update your account for 3rd party hosting. New one, must be a way to get more money out of me. :rage:

Yes, it is being discussed on BLF:

Thanks for the link. That really stinks. I can find another host no problem, but then all the posts with pics that I posted for years are gone. Oh well, they most likely just lost me as a customer.

Yeah, the price they want is really outrageous…

Make a Flickr account its free. If you still have a Yahoo email it will let you log in with that email i think.

Thanks I’ll give that a shot. I had a Yahoo a long time ago but I know my wife has hers and uses it all the time.

I’ll take them. PM incoming.


Thanks. I’ll mark these as sold.