For Sale XHP-70 BLF FET DRIVER 2x26650 huge reflector $65 free shipping in the US

I don’t know why but my link won’t work. The post a couple below this one works.

This is the light and I have put an XHP-70 in it on the best Sinkpad and added really good thermal paste for excellent heat transfer. It’s got a three mode BLF FET driver with three modes. Low, medium and high. Fantastic beam and a very nice light for this monster emitter.

$65 plus free shipping in the US

Just a bump for this light.

Fixed that link for you :wink:

Link posted goes to a “not found” message for me.

edit: looks like The Miller fixed it for you while I was posting.

Thanks for fixing that.

Bump for lower price. This is the lowest I will sell this light for, it’s really great but I have a bunch of new XHP-70’s and need to buy some hosts for them.

Trades always considered whenever I sell my light. Including lights that don’t work that I can mod.

So, is this a flooder? Or a thrower?

Mostly a flooder even though it’s a huge reflector it still isn’t what I would call a thrower. The really heavy orange peel spreads the beam out quite a bit.