For Sale

**Peak Collection of 17 lights. Different color leds, 2 actually change colors. Asking $600. Contact me at for pictures.

You could at least list models you are selling, might help with sale.

Threads like this do my head in :smiley:

If I knew how to post pictures I would. The models are discontinued and I’m not aware of the names of the models. Be happy to send pictures to anyone interested.

So this is a bulk buy only?

Yes, don’t know how I would price them individually. When you see them it may make more sense.

I have a car for sale. not sure the year or model. They don’t make it anymore though.
It may or may not “run”


You’re asking for quite a bit of money while providing absolutely no detail. I think if you want to have any realistic chance of selling your collection like this you should take a lot of pictures and put them in your thread. It’s going to take effort on your part, but frankly any potential customers want to see that effort.

Hmmm…thanks for the information. Perhaps you could read my earlier post that I have no idea on how to post pictures. That’s why I included my email so anyone that was seriously interested could send me an email and get pictures that have already been taken. I’ve tried searching on the web about the names associated with these lights, but maybe because they are discontinued the information isn’t available. Trying not to be snarky, but if you aren’t interested then maybe you could just scroll on by.

Hopefully that’s what discerning buyers would do… People selling things of which they know very little is odd.
People getting huffy when potential buyers are put off by the lack of information and effort is very odd…
Buy hey, maybe you have a deal here and some lucky buyer will make out …
who knows. good luck.
I’ll pass even if you post a little info and you have gems. seems like you don’t want to Try and sell stuff.

LOL…good un

Follow the above link to learn how to post images on BLF.

Thanks for the information, but I think it’s beyond my capabilities. Sound like a lot of technical stuff. Apparently there are a lot of snobs on here that would rather post snide remarks than realize that not everyone that enjoys the flashlight hobby are techies. Won’t make that mistake again. If I could delete the whole post I would. Thanks again.

i cannot fathom a 3 year lurker who has pretty much only posted in this thread, having a flashlight collection for sale at $600
behaving like this……This last post is the corker……

the instructions are easy. the ask is not a big deal… pics…models at least…. oh well.

the car is still for sale

Hi All, Here are the pics from the OP.

It’s hard to tell without any size reference for scale but I assume this is a Shasta or a Baltic Sea. A single N-Cell powers each head (if it isn’t obvious at first glance, there is an LED at each end of the light).

A passle of McKinley (1x CR123/16340) pocket bodies? Did they do a single 5mm LED version?

Without a better idea of size the last two are even harder to guess. AA pocket body Kilimanjaro and a dual CR123 McKinley (did they offer one)?

Knowing what cells each one takes would help a lot in narrowing it down. That leaves the power level (1 - 8) which might be stamped inside the head.


These look expensive.

Thanks for posting these. Are they all Peak? They make some beautiful lights, for years I carried (some days still do) a stainless Peak Eiger Ultra X high cri 10440 with momentary switch that is easily my most durable light. Short of a few scuffs from pocket carry on the lens, the tube and head look like they did day one. OP, the ones you’re posting look quite specialized and as BlueSword put it…these look expensive. Knowing what i parted with to purchase the eiger years ago, I’m guessing the outlay (for all of these) was much greater than your asking price. Hopefully someone on here can give them a great home, wish it was me but I enjoy my marriage and this buy wouldn’t fly with the wife. Best of luck, thanks again for posting!

There was a thread in the CPF B/S/T forum by a poster looking to buy brass bodied Peaks. It was active as of a year or so ago. That (CPF in general) is probably the best place to look for someone who wants to take them all off your hands, or to get better info on exactly what is what.

Current brass lights in Peaks’ line up are $65 to $75. IIRC they were $10-$15 cheaper when those in the seller’s pics were for sale.

Remember these models are 10+ years old.

Yep they are.