Forget about Jetbeam RRT-3 XM-L or Nitecore TM11, 5 x XM-L is here!

Gonna be sagged down by heat (insufficient heat mass) after 1 min though..... but at least there are more emitters, more die area to dissipate the heat, so not toooo bad.

Also there will be battery sag. Not sure how they'd wire it up though.

3 x 18650. Same host as this from CNQG.



Quite floody. Probably same 25k lux @ 1m kinda intensity.


I need that!

Looks like the TR-1200 reflector with XMLs jammed in it. Per the site, driven @ 2.6A so 45W? Maybe with a proper heatsink but I can't imagine this could be successful as a flashlight.

The original host was for two 26650 batteries.

Oh boy, some of these flashlight videos can be so underwhelming.

Give me a break.

If that were a 3x26650 host I would be very interested. I dont see 3x18650 lasting very long.

The price is $240

Too much IMO.

Does anyone have the dimensions for that flashlight?

At $240 isn't it competing with TK70 ?

Too much $ and I am really despising the look of these long skinny 3x18650 lights. The RL-2088, CNQ long run, the V60 etc fatty style are aesthetically so much better. Probably stronger too.

That being said, a 5 x XM-L is pretty cool. Probably keep your hands pretty warm in the winter if they drive them anywhere close to 3amps.

To keep lumen-junkies broke.

Firestarter. That much money?? I can build up a super Mag triple for a hell of a lot less.

What a *wonderful* (sarcastic) job they did centering the emitters...

They need to bring back the palight BG-01 triple MC-E host.


Wish I hadn't seen that...I've got to have a urethral endoscopy next week (shudder).

5x Xm-L for $240? That sounds like a cheap x-ray machine. The nurse holds it against your back and the doctor stands in front of you and checks your lungs and heart.

Forget the JET Beam RRT-3 ? Based on the video etc... I saw, my RRT-3 decimates. :~

Nice to play baseball hehe.

I am interested on replacing the XR-E of my TR1200 by XM-L feeding them with the original driver, it should give quite more lumens due to the XM-L has a better lumen/watt the output should be quite better and the heat at least not higher, that´s what I think but I might be missing something, any suggestions?

*I also understand it will throw a bit less and be more like a light wall.

At least I know they are thinking about the idea. Should see a few more soon.