Found a light I'm not going to mod (yet)!!

The vast majority of the lights I buy have been bought with a view to their modding potential, I can’t help it, its just that “I can make this better” itch. Well, the other day day I received a S1100 from Denbuc (member here) and its great! Build, feel and light output are superb :smiley:

I realise that its not a “budget” light and I’ve had to go without food to pay for it, but (at least least for now :wink: ) I wont be modding it….

I’m struggling though, cos that itch just wont go away……

What do I do?

Have a beer .

That just makes the itch worse!

Go to the Dr and get some cream for that itch before it gets any worse. :wink:

It’s a smooth soft natural white medicine that floods the affected area with intense pleasure and makes you forget about the need to improve things. Of course, it doesn’t go quite as far but it certainly fills the voids.

For a little while anyway.

S1100 is good, if pencil beams are your thing. But it can definitely be improved with a XML2 on a true direct copper board (S1100's has a dielectric layer under the pad) and a simple resistor tweak to get it up from the stock 3.3A to around 5A.

Hey comfy, you might have something there!

Laser-like throwers aren’t really my shangri-la, but if I can make what I’ve got better….:slight_smile:

Also, I think it may be possible that the S1100 reflector with MTG2 makes for a better thrower than the OP reflector they used in the otherwise identical S2200. It's still very very good for all-around use without being purposely 'floody', which is I think the direction they tried to go with the S2200.

MTG2 on a 20mm board requires extension tabs on the wire connection points, as the base of the reflector is too big and sits right on top of the pads. Original white plastic centering ring has to be filed into a square to fit over the MTG2 base. Other than that it's an easy swap, no driver mods required.

How thick is the standard mcpcb? Iv’e not dismantled it yet, its still “my precious” :slight_smile:

.945"/24mm diameter, .066"/1.68mm thick, .750"/19mm center-to-center spacing on the wire pads.

Quick send it to me, I promise not to mod it. It’s safe with me.

Or me.

Or scratch that itch, you know you want to if the beer makes it worse . .

scratch it, scratch it, scratch it . . .

Scratch it a lot or scratch it a little, just make sure to not actually scratch it as you’re scratching it.

Sorry, that is as good as my advice gets.

Thats ruined it for me!

I was floating along, happy to see someone else pleased w a light that I had on my list to consider…now I couldn’t buy it (after having ignored a similar thread - yours?) w/o having to worry that I only had 2/3 of a proper light!