[Found] Convoy S5


I’m in the US and I’m looking to buy a Convoy S5.
I really only need the Host, so Driver/LED don’t matter.
Let me know if you have one and how much you want for it.
Also if it’s in great shape, I might be willing to trade a S2+ triple for it!

I prefer PP F&F

Unfortunately you just missed Simon’s Chinese New Year’s flawed S5 flashlight sale.

I missed it last year when he was selling them, but got one this time, along with an S4 which has been on my wishlist for a long time.

Maybe he will find some more next year again if you’re not able to obtain one now.

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This is where I saw this light for the very first time a couple days ago.
Unfortunately they were sold out before I had a chance to add 1 to my cart.
I asked Simon if he had anymore and he informed me that they were all sold out.

I’d never seen an S4 before now, and now I want one of those too, great!

If you decide to part with either of those, please let me know!

It’s strange since I asked Simon several years ago if he had any S4s left. The S4 seemed like a very unique flashlight and since it was a Convoy, I really wanted one.

I even did, like what you did with the S5: Want to buy a Convoy S4 - US only

But he said he didn’t sell them anymore. And then they just magically appeared last week.

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Maybe cleaned out some old inventory stock and found a few B stock hosts in an unlabelled crate?

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I think I still have one or two. PM me if interested.
Need to find them first tho.

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That’s my trouble – I know I have 2, but locating them is the problem

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