Found D80v2

In CONUS, have Paypal, Zelle, Google Pay, or Venmo.

I’m looking for a D80v2. I can currently only find them from nealsgadgets (for $40!) and I’d rather not buy from him anyway.

Can be in non-working condition. Open to users with wear, but not actual damage if that makes sense. I’m probably planning a new driver and LED, and I can replace any of the internals.

Hoping for around $30 shipped, but open to offers. I’d pay a bit extra for one of the OG raw Aluminum versions.

Update: got one.

Isn't this still $27.77?

I might have one, will check and let you know

It's listed at $37.70 for me, and I doubt they're still doing the group buy price over a year later

But if it comes to it, at least it's not Neal.

Darn it!

I should have picked up an XHP50.2 D80v2 back when it was available at @$27.70

I think $37.70 for the other versions is pretty lame.

I will check with WildTrail if they have some stock left for you guys.

Edit: Jacky from WildTrail sent me this link to order for $ 33.00 from

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