Found some nice bags/pouches to carry flashlights in.

I bought a couple of bags and pouches from Aliexpress to use when I’m doing beamshots, to have all the flashlights easily accessible.

The bag on the left will be used when transporting flashlights. The sling bag in the right seems good for carrying a lot of lights on the go.
The “lens pouch protectors” will work great to keep lights from banging against eachother in a bag.

Capacity test

The left bag needs a piece of cloth or foam put inbetween the top and bottom to prevent flashlights from hitting eachother.


The quality is pretty good for the price. Will definetly see some use.

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Well done. That loaded grey one is quite handsome :100:
I just threw away a piece of polyfoam that would have been perfect for the spacer.

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But, are they flame retardent? :thinking:

Bet not haha, but I guess a D4V2 burn mark would look unique…

That one on the left in particular looks perfect. Might have to pick a couple up. Thanks

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I’m digging that one on the left as well. Thanks for the links.

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