(FOUND THANKS)Wood working help needed.

Hi all,

I need someone who can make me a jig type thing to hold parts. A wood stand like this with 50x 1.250” holes drilled in it with an inch of space between each hole. I could be plywood or solid. I don’t have the equipment to do this correctly so I’d just like to buy one if someone can make it for me.


One of these some wood of your choice, about 60 min of work more or less and your done. I'd make it for you but I'm in Canada.

I was floored by MtnDon’s entry this year for the BLF / Old Lumens contest. I have no idea if he’s available for a project like this, but it should be a piece of cake for a woodworking master like him.

Draw straight lines ,measure,drill pilot holes and use a hole saw .

maybe drill a partial hole on the backside so you don't tear out material when finishing your hole .Using better wood than plywood might make it nicer as well. Pretty straight forward .

You would need proper mechanical tools. Table saw, jigs or templates, router, hole saws, etc. Proper layouts, measuring tools, etc…

I was a woodworker by trade early in my career and have built something similar to what is pictured.

I am a cabinetmaker by trade, but also a a sign maker, guitar builder… Something like this is pretty easy to do with just a few hand tools, though it’s a lot easier and repeatable on a CNC. I have both router table and mill, but I’m currently rebuilding my table.

Send me a PM maybe we can do a barter… I’ve ordered stuff from you before and enjoy your videos.

I could do it.

I could also make one for you. I’m not trying to jump the line as others mentioned that they could do it first, but just putting it out there.

I could make one. Plywood or MDF would be better than a sawn board as sawn boards can and do warp. Shipping cost is the question. Three pieces; drilled top and two sides as pictured. You screw the sides to the drilled piece. I guess I could weigh an appropriate sized piece of ply and see what shipping would be. I’d just wrap it with paper and filament tape. Do you want it clear coated too? Paint? Bare wood?

I would make the sides out of hardwood, and the top surface could be plywood with hardwood edges covering the plies. Or use something like apple ply or Baltic birch, which is far superior to the usual birch core ply normally sold.

That said, a properly selected and seasoned piece of top wood would not warp, at least significantly enough to cause issues. Big box crap wood will, because they do whatever they can to rush the wood out the door - i.e. kiln-drying so fast that the wood case-hardens, and cutting everything flatsawn (usually to increase yield.) Some species are just more stable than others. The biggest factor is cost - a wide piece of select hardwood is not cheap.

By hand (or on a drill press) the proper tool for drilling the holes would be a Forstner bit which would leave a clean bottom edge, provided the work was backed up with scrap to prevent grain blow out.

Also, since this will be in a shop environment, the top should be let into the sides via grooves, which would aid self-alignment as well as add strength.

I am thinking probly just bare wood unless coating will make it last substantially longer. It wont be exposed to elements or anything. It is used to hold parts while epoxy is setting.

As for what others have mentioned about materials. I really don’t know. I am ok with plywood. If there is something notable to be gained I might pop for some real wood. I want this to look nice as far as having straight uniform holes, and not holes that look shredded around the top like the one pictured, but otherwise asthetics are not a huge concern It wont be a display, just a shop tool.

Guys I have accepted LouieA’s offer for help on this project. I really do appreciate all of you chiming in on this!

Hi. I advise you to make it just to order. If that doesn’t work, you’ll already have to buy it. Six months ago, I was in a similar situation. I wanted to make a desktop for myself. An ordinary saw would be hard to work with, and I did not want to call the masters, I wanted to make them with my own hands. I went down to the basement and found an old table saw. It was no longer working. Then I opened the Internet and started looking for what I could buy. I found this model Bosch 4100-09, read table saw reviews and ordered.