Foursevens Mini ML-X x2 Nichia Mule

Custom work request by a customer:

Foursevens Mini ML-X x2 Nichia Mule on a Custom copper spacer pill, Stock driver, 24AWG Silicone wires (stock is about 40AWG PVC!) , Diffuser film on glass lens





Help a newbie understand, please…

Copper pill is for heat sinking capacity?



Yes… And to act as a spacer

I need to buy again from you soon too!.
looking for anything hcri and 5000k!.
you do great bloody work!.

Thanks! I do try :smiley:

Thank you!

Beamshot? Does it show dual emitters?

Was built for a customer, don’t have it anymore, being a mule with diffused lens it was just a mini wall of light with nicely diffused beam great for close up work.

I see, thanks. I was curious because this double configuration is definitely unique and interesting.

You mention that you used the stock driver. May I ask how you got it out? I have a few FourSevens Minis that could use neutral emitters, but every time I try to get the original internals out, they seem very determined to stay right there! I’ve tried the ‘boil in a bag’ trick to no avail.

It was a screw in pill, use a pair of good circlips in the 2 small PCB holes, the PCB has ‘tabs’ that sit in the pill, so when you twist the wires don’t get twisted with the pill

Mine wasn’t thread locked, just tight

Neat light!

I too have tried modding a mini, and the pill would not budge. Might have to try again someday.