Fpv drone

Looking for Dj phantom or similar drone with fpv view camera

What I want is a quadcopter Drone , probably with the GPS stabilizer
A decent first person view camera system that I can use to control it with decent range of at least a half a mile

I currently have a go Pro hero 3+ if I can incorporate that to save money that will be useful

the DJ phantom is a very popular one



Basically I want the second one but be able to get the part for cheaper than 700 though that price is not bad is there anywhere I can assemble one what do you have a better price somewhere for a similar drone ?
And are these drones good for flying with no experience though I’m a good learner with this kind of thing. how is the amazon ones i linked? do they have decent live first person view and such?

in general -
quality live FPV control-
low price but quality, basically the lowest that meets the other criteria
decant run time 10min+ 30 would be great but i can always change bats quickly
easy and stable - many have gps stabilizers for this
size doesnt really matter but bigger than an ipad (at least a foot) but not over 4 feet wide

this will be for fun, general recording, exploring ect

the phantom 2 has 980 feet of range i would hope to extend that if possible

FAA says FPV is illegal… congress says they can’t say that…

Obvious question. Can you fly? If not, this isn’t the way to learn.

+1 on that. Expensive way to learn.

A better place to ask anyway is the appropriate thread in Wattflyer or RCGroups.

well im not too worried about the FAA especially if congress is on my side… also i do know how to fly no expert but i would practice … ive flown my friends FJ phantom a good amount , i could go where i wanted… hit a tree af first… but i got the controls down… and know how to watch for power lines trees ect now… i would also master regular flight before FPV


would this work? with a gopro camera? or some other one ?

Is this a very good black Friday deal ?

Just saw this post so I will give your opinion since I’m experienced.
If you are a newbie on RC quadcopters then I’d suggest you dont go to DJI for your first drone. Why? Reason is simple: too expensive! What if you crash it? Believe me newbies are easily end in this way. You may see the advertisement of DJI how easy it flies how stable bla bla bla, but remember that’s just an ads. You can buy a cheaper one to practice first (usually without camera, quite cheap like 50$ at most), after a while then you can buy a FPV one, dont always think of DJI, lol, there are lots good brands yet cheaper like walkera QR 350, hubsan H107D, even cheerson cx 20 (but many problems reported). These drones are FPV, long flight time usually 25 minutes, battery easy replaced and yeah cheaper… If you want more info go to rcgroups find more.

Samiluo speaks the truth. The stabilized quads are remarkably easy to fly. That doesn’t mean they aren’t easy to crash too.


i bought this and have been practicing alot with it

Just stumbled across this!


Printable frame

I have not gotten much more modern than .049 and .020 control line airplanes.

I still feel the center of the sport is rubber power.

With gliders on one wing and mechanical and electric things on the other.
In particular, I don’t like helicopters because I don’t understand their aerodynamics.

Helicopters don’t fly. They are so loud and ugly the earth repels them. :wink:

I thought it was the rotors that beat the air into submission :wink:

That is wicked cool…old school little .049 airplane…love those little buzzers :slight_smile:

I have seen those guys fly them teeny weeny airplanes in a jr. high auditorium before…I think they were electric though

But they won’t say what sunbeam wants to hear anywhere! :wink:

Live FPV control means you don’t want to do it through a phone or tablet: too much lag. So you’ve got to spend more on a “real” FPV system. The points about DJI & non-tiny quads in general being pricey to crash are accurate.

FWIW GPS doesn’t “stabilize” things. It’s used for point-to-point navigation, loiter, etc… stabilization comes from the gyros and accelerometers, something even the cheapest $30 quads have now. Some quads will have flight controllers which make better use of the gyros and accelerometers than others.

IMO there’s very little point in purchasing a DJI if you do not plan to operate within it’s limits. If you plan to want a greater range than the DJI equipment gives you do not start with the DJI equipment. A scratch-build will keep you more flexible.

For video to operate at any significant range you’ll need an amateur radio license. Some 2.4Ghz radio systems can be pushed out to 1km - 2km. Therefore depending on what you want to do you may not need anything esoteric for your control system (eg you may be able to avoid things like DragonLink and OpenLRS).

I bought this do you think this would work well with the Phantom 2?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with the Phantom 2. It won’t work with the Phantom 2 Vision or the Phantom 2 Vision+. (but this isn’t the place to ask)

Guy shows his printed frame and build…says total ran him about $200~

Ah…you are looking for a particular brand/build…sorry