free batteries from Dino Direct ":o)

I had an order in with Dino for some Trustfire Protected 16340s. They sent Protected ones, hallelujah, but Ultrafire brand. These are too long for my Nitecore EX11.2, that's why I ordered the shorter Trustfires. This has happened right after I ordered the protected Trustfire 18650s and they sent unprotected. I had to send them a picture, and of course they gave me a gift card and I reordered the Trustfires. I'm collecting some batteries that I never wanted, all complimentary. I suggested to Summer that she get her employees some reading glasses. Supposedly I have some Trustfire Protected 18650s and 16340s coming my way. See what I get....

Sharon 16:11:47
Hello, welcome to DinoDirect live chat. How may I assist you today?
saypat 16:11:53
Hi Sharon. I have the picture
Sharon 16:12:18
The Attachment: ultrafire.jpg
Sharon 16:13:24
Could your flashlight use it?
saypat 16:13:52
I told you they are too long for my flashlight, that's why I ordered TRUSTFIRE!
saypat 16:14:16
WHY did they send Ultrafire???
Sharon 16:14:30
Hold on for a second
Sharon 16:14:42
Oh sorry to that
Sharon 16:15:00
Would you accept a $5 giftcard for placing a new battery/
saypat 16:15:20
Trustfires cost $5.89 on your site
Sharon 16:15:50
Would you accept a $6 giftcard
saypat 16:15:53
Sharon 16:16:09
Ok i will email you
saypat 16:16:20
Sharon, you keep doing this, you are losing money
Sharon 16:16:35
We are writing to offer you the $6 GiftCard number 8z7ig693 and the password 233482347. Please take a note of it. You just need to select the GiftCard as the payment method and enter the number and the password at the last 'CheckOut' page when placing a new order. Please feel free to contact us should you have any further question.
Sharon 16:16:48
We will approved
Sharon 16:16:53

Nice of you to be concerned for their bottom line. :)

Good to hear things went ok.

I don't think they care. They don't seem to be fixing anything. In fact, it seems that orders are getting worse from them.

Maybe I should have used live chat? lol

I hope that you have used that gift card already!!!!! Sealed

Their live support is great.

It takes some patience, the CS chat people seem to be very bussy (god knows why ;) ), but they resolved my issue within the hour, got a full refund in 2 hours from the time I first contacted their live chat.

wonder how many tried to use it.....

He did.

I could use more TF Flames but when this thing goes like it has gone, maybe something else. Already done 2 disputes...

I was told my refund will take 1- 5 days. wtf!

Where did you get the EX-11?

I got my EX 11.2 at Had a sale some time back, 20% off. I think I got it for $47. I have purchased several lights from him, very happy. He ships FAST! Threw in a free CR123 one time, nice touch.

Back to the original post, they sent me UltraFire 16340 a 2nd time, hilariious. Gave me another gift card! No way I was trying a 3rd time. And I never received the 18650 protecteds that I had to reorder a 2nd time. They gave me a gift card! 3 sets of batteries, none of them right, and 2 gift cards. Whatever.

LOL. Sorry to laugh, but this is so ridiculous. Really wish DD would pick up their game. They tend to have good prices, but they're service is tear jerkingly bad. I want to support them, but with things like this it's hard to.