Free gift will be sent from lightake for Celebrated BLF founded One Year(finished )

Hi BLF members,

So far, LT has gone through nearly 1 year with you. Thanks so much for your long-lasting support with Lightake. However, you are not only customer for us, but more of friends. We would never be successful without your support, patience and understanding .Everything you do helps us a lot to make progress.

We feel so sorry for any trouble we have made and anything which is out of consideration, please trust us that we will continue to improve ourselves to provide your more budget flashlight with a cheap price and better service to meet your requirement.

Now in order to celebrate BLF forum have been founded 1 year, now our company will shipped out 3 free budget flashlight for this forum members , all the members of this forum have chance to win a free flashlight from us.


Please make some reply about this thread below, like what do you think LT should do if they want to have a good sale on flashlight? Or what is the best flashlight deal in LT website? Or if XXX flashlight (Link) get a lower price at (Your expect price) , I will get one, what kinds of flashlight do you want, And other related about LT . Each member at most can get one free flashlight, if a member have win a prize before, then he can’t win other prize at this events, another back of him will win the prize.

Every member posted below can have a chance get a free flashlight from us.

Prize and who will get it :

1. Ultarfire C3 SS (SKU: 32055) Worth: $13.49 Winner : Budgeteer

2. Small Sun ZY-A21 (SKU:31654) worth: $21.39 Winner: Old4570

3. Fenix LD15 (SKU:30451) worth: $40.99 winner: sb56637

Ultrafire C3 SS will be sent the member who was post the 63th poster in this thread. How to get the second and third prize, will posted to tell you later.

This events will end at January 8 (Beijing Time: 5PM 8 January 2011) , and I will post the prized user name in this thread, and Who have win the prize , please sent an email to me about your detail information, then we will arrange to shipped it .the prize might be shipped out before January 15th.

Due only have three free gift to the forum member , thanks for join in this events , if you are not the lucky members in this time , you might the lucky one in the next time .we will consider organized more event like this .

At last, Thanks for Admin kindly help. this events only for BLF member , and welcome more people sign up this forum , and thanks for the member kindly help !

I also will post it to our own forum ,welcome feel free to post something in our forum !

Happy New Year to every one !

PS:This events was organized by , LighTake.INC All Rights Reserved

Wauw what a great action!! I'm definitivly in!

About the thread: It would be easiest for us if you would post your action price flashlights here on BLF.. that way we can always see which flashlights are specially priced at the moment.

Also making special prices for us on certain flashlights seems like a very good idea to me. Most people will agree when i say that we are more inclined to buy something if you make a special price for us!

And last; i also think (as Budgeteer said in another topic) that it would be a good idea to sometimes have like a "stock clearance" where you give us a lower price for an "older technology" (led type) flashlight. That way you get rid of your old stock and the modders between us are happy!!

Thanks for the effort LighTake and i must say that FENIX is looking MIGHTY GOOD, especially since i don't yet have any expensive flashlights :d

Good luck to everyone else!!

About the thread: LT can gain more customers and more reputation giving specific coupon codes for BLF members to purchase good flashlights with big discounts. Then we review on BLF the items purchased with those coupons and more and more people will purchase them, making a good chance to get more customers (to LT). So the LT commerce will expand.........

Its good to see something like this ...

Certainly 2011 looks interesting , and I wish everyone a happy new year !

Happy new year everyone ! :)

What a great move, LT. But it really puts me in a dilemma. The two best prices are way over the import limit of about $14 that we have in my country. If I won and the gift was taken in the customs, I would have to pay 25% tax plus a fee of $28!.

I would like LT to focus on budget lights at a price lower than $14 (after coupons deducted). A solution for me is also DIY parts. I would like a broader selection of theese, please.

A happy New Year to all.

Happy birthday BLF! And many thanks to Lightake!


I think that the best improvement to your site which delivered my order pretty fast would be stop using China Post and switch to Hong Kong Post.

Still I do not received the ITP A3 purchased last month , do not even arrived to my country yet...20 days in transit and counting, 30 since posting.

I know that thing could be not possible but just trying


Thanks for this great idea!

And a Happy New Year to all!

With luck it will be a much brighter year for everyone.

Thank you very much LighTake! This is a great way to show us customers how much you appreciate us and in turn it will keep us loyal to you.

About your website, one of the things I can think of is to keep your prices lower than the competition and to come up with daily or weekly specials. Even coupons for specific websites like BLF Wink would be good for everyone. Also speed of shipment is very important to us along with excellent customer support.

Happy New Year Everyone!

That was a total surprise. Many thanks to LT for their support for BLF.

About the best deal on LT to each it's own i like this category:

My favorite and for quite some time is:

Also this one is appealing to me:

As for improvements. I can suggest the usual customer care being upgraded a bit. The flashlights pictures on page could have the emitter and possbily driver be clearly seen in the dismantled view. That's a thing we really like!

This is cool! Thanks for your trouble Daniel!

My suggestion to LT, is to try every flashlight they sell. At least to see if it works.

If you could get more of Nite Ize(ish) Led gadgets, that would be cool. Some marlers, wands, Zip lights... At a decent price, of course.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, that your site still doesn't work with Firefox 3.6 and higher. That would be another suggestion.

Hey, thanks, and a happy new year!! :)

I bought my TR-1200 body from Lightake and realy loved the deal, ordered my Ultrafire C3 SS as I knew LT has the most "genuine" Ultrafire's available. I'll buy more, that's what I'm sure of.

I'd love to see some more DIY hosts other than P60's, with better heatsinking and different reflector shapes, for us those are always in search of the ultimate technology flashlight they could have. Well engineered XM-L lights, more reasonably priced right angle lights are still on my list.

Releasing coupons always makes me feel at home with a store, you know, feels special ;)

for this nice idea. Very good choice of gifts. I'm sure everyone likes to have these. Happy new year to all (we have it already since 53 minutes).

I've 8 hours to go. Hope you have a very good New Year one and all.

Oops - who can't count?

9 hours and 48 minutes to go.

I was expecting a heavy random post (such as this) to pile up the thread reply count but it is still looking pretty civilized. Might have to do that the end of this year is near and for once many could not care much to type on a forum. I'm waiting my oven to beeps my long awaited meal. Untill then i'll be lurking around here since i already did all i had to do for today and im just relaxing and warming with my fluffy cat who does enjoy being in the centre of attention atm.

What a spam post! :D

Who is going to enter the new year in the next few hours? I'm still 9h away. And a bottle of good sparkling wine is looking at me with desire to be popped.

Happy new year! How does it look like? XD

Thanks for offering this to us! And happy new year!

Best wishes from Brazil!

hey miaw2, could you send some sunshine? I haven't seen the mother of all lights for a weak now! Damn clouds and rain!

This is a great holiday jesture LT-----------

Happy New Year to all--------