Free laser etching/engraving at Fancy Flashlights

From memory this used to be a $2 option, and then it changed to $8 recently

And now its free! BUT they only do it on Sundays.

You can order it on any day but for example if you order on a Monday, it will be a week or more until your order ships.

Just ordered a AA DQC NW XP-G2 with my first and last name on the head under the knurling so it can be read when tail standing.

Its not often you can get things personalized anymore, especially for free as well.

That’s pretty nice service :slight_smile:

That’s awesome.
Is Ai Adobe Illustrator? I’m not sure what Coreldraw is though.
I still have Illustrator on my old laptop (and good thing I still know how to use it).

That looks really cool, and I notice one of the lights on the page you linked says “Dong Light” haha. But yeah, looks like a neat gift idea.

I’m not sure, I just asked for mine to be done in “Ariel Bold”

I would have liked to make a design but I don’t have those programs mentioned.

Oh nice. I’m probably going to get something simple like my name, or whoever’s name I’m giving it to.
My favourite font is Helvetica.

If ryansoh comes by this thread, ask him what “Dong” means in Korean :)…

thats a nice add on, for freezy too… im in

Hahaha, I can’t believe I just read that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so what does it mean?

It’s nothing special really, it means poop.

It’s wirtten as 똥 in Korean, if you desire to look it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it's funny in English and Korean. I mean, depending on your sense of humor. Nice!

ROTFL! :smiley:

You you might as well rename the light as SH#T Light! :smiley:

First they name a flashlight Ur Anus Fire then this. It keeps getting better. :bigsmile:

“Dong Light” He is my friend.

Dong in Thai language means : prominent (nose) , rise up , rise high ; soar ; high up …

and you know “POK” mean? :wink:

I’d love laser etching but not interested in any of the unbranded oem lights.
Wonder if they would do it on other lights (provided there is space).

What’s pok in your language? I have to be honest, when used twice, i.e. pok-pok, its meaning is not good in my dialect. :~

Ai is Illustrator.

You can get Illustrator CS2 for free too:

Yep, I got CS2 free on my current laptop, and CS4 on my old laptop.

Yes. But these should be in your place because pok-pok has a different meaning. :slight_smile:

I think there are millions of dialects out there and words have different meanings wherever you go. Even in the island where I’m in, ‘sili’ for the people in the Western part of the island means hot pepper. For the people in the Eastern part, its the male organ. Imagine a person from the Western part going to a restaurant in the Eastern (which is just more than 100 kms away) part and ask the waitress for some ‘sili’. :smiley:

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m not engraving ‘sili’ in my flashlight even if its for free. :bigsmile:

I think POK maybe my mum?