“Free” Olight I3E EOS (Desert Tan) - closed

I don’t really see any green in mine. Compared to my FW3A SST-20 4000K, my Olight I3E EOS is a ‘Creamy White’.

s/n 09676

Mine arrived today, fantastic little light. Well made, great brightness for it’s size.

Yes I would call it creamy white .

/\ . :+1: . :beer:

Still waiting for my light to be shipped. The German Olight store seems to be a bit slow.

And still waiting for my light. Its stuck with DHL for more than a week now. I hope it will still arrive.

Has anyone here modded their i3e EOS in copper with a warmer emitter?

Curious S/N. Mine is G04113006, and I got it about 3 years ago. Mine is slightly cooler than neutral white, but thankfully not much blue in it. Hint of green. Was thinking if I could get the head apart, I’d slip in some minus-green filter in it.

Black one is from the same deal last winter. The tan looks cooler and is a good bit warmer too!

Nice. I got a message from DHL. The package is lost. Olight is not answering mails and nowbody is answering the phone when i call the provided phone number.
They have maybe build really nice lights but their support sucks!


I guess their support sucks because they make great lights?

Who’s gonna be the first to put an OSRAM “White Flat” into this little light? MascaratumB showed in THIS post that the “White Flat” does well in TIR. Although, he used a Carclo 10507 Triple, and this one has a single emitter TIR. I think it will make a nice little keychain “thrower”!

Who’s gonna turn it into a quad?
Not many people can pull it off

I’m your man

Not a quad. There aren’t (yet) any quad optics made to fit the i3e. :smiley:

Never say never.

A very ambitious and skilled person (maybe CRX?) could de-dome a XHP-50, and carve their own quad “reflector” out of a bit of aluminum with a Dremel tool, I guess. :open_mouth:

Sounds like a challenge.

I think you replied in the wrong thread my friend lol, probably looking at both, but thank you anyway! I already started a new thread this year Here

My i3E just went through a wash and dry cycle, inside my pants. Surprisingly, still working.

Yes these little Olights are quite durable, I have two of them, one is on my keychain since I got the two I3E and the other one lives in my shoulder bag. I like these little Olights and they are very reliable and battery efficient, both of them run on eneloops.