“Free” Olight I3E EOS (Desert Tan) - closed

G0OSE just provided information about a new Olight I3E deal

G0OSE I3E deal

Blah, us only. Pity.

ja damn :confused: always usa offers… shame anyone outside isnt able order… that desert tan looks nice i would gladly pay for shipping somewhere in EU but u cant… :frowning:

:person_facepalming: :smiley: :smiley: :+1:


@ Ilumenati

Thank you for the heads up about this GREAT (apparently USA ONLY) offer!!!

Great deal for “Free” Olight I3E EOS (desert tan) – $5 shipping…. :+1:

A shame some got their panties twisted over the good fortune of others, but they will most likely survive. :wink:

Thanks again Ilumenati …. :beer:

We’re all brothers and sisters. For better and for worse. You are happy, we are happy.
And the best part of it is: we don’t even have to lift a finger for feeling happy for you :partying_face:

/\…. :+1::beer:

Got mine!!!

Got one!

Grabbed one myself. Appreciate the info. my flashlight brother. :+1:

Thanks for the heads up. Got one.

Thank you for the heads up. Sorry for all those outside the US.

I was able to grab one too. I don’t really use AAA lights but this one I can bring on vacation when we go in a few weeks assuming it gets to me in time.

Anyone know how water proof these lights are?

I ended getting a black one, all desert tan were gone. This works for anyone in Canada. My first Olight.

I will have to move to USA

Took me 1.5 hours after the sale started to get the Desert Tan I3E (once the website started working).

Looks like Olight has discontinued all the I3E colors except black (over the last couple of years). Try finding the 120 lumens silver one. Which is all the more surprising they came out with the Desert Tan.

Look at this Video

Check Olight uk looks like they are doing it soon

Thanks for the video link. Looks like it will be perfect for our Hawaii vacation :slight_smile:

The Desert Tan will be a nice addition to my collection. I have a copper one in my car (with Energizer Lithium), my wife has a purple one in her purse (Energizer Lithium), and I have one laying behind our big-screen TV, for looking at cables (this one has an Eneloop Pro AAA). They all have a perfectly flat single-level output - until the battery drains.

Thanks Illuminati !

I've been looking for a nice, small light for my wife's key ring ever since her el-cheapo plastic L.L. Bean twisty popped it's diffuser off. This Olight will do quite nicely.