“Free” Olight I3E EOS (Desert Tan) - closed

Thanks for the heads up!


just sign up for Olight’s e-mails and then u won’t miss these give aways.

Thank you Olight. Just to show my appreciation I bought a I1R EOS, even though it is all black.

Seems like an interesting marketing test. Give away small lights and gather registrations for a newsletter. Also, at the top of the page, "Olight and PayPal together are offering you discounts from 20%-40% OFF". During checkout I never saw an alternate payment method other than Paypal. I suppose if I wasn't already a member I would have had to sign up.

Thanks Ilumenati for the heads up!!!

Snagged one for me!! Wife snagged the one I got in their last $5 Christmas Special. This is one bright little key-chainer… :+1:

Guest checkout through paypal was available for those without a paypal account.

Thanks, I didn't see that.

I snagged one yesterday and received notice that it had been shipped today. I already have a black one that is super bright with a 10440.
This will be my first tan light. :slight_smile:

How long did you run that with a 10440? I tried that a couple of years ago with one. It ran for about ten minutes, then went off, then never worked again.

I’m trying to get this deal, but I just registered at Olight and haven’t successfully logged in, yet.

Nice offer.

What I don’t understand is.

These torches are made in China… Right.

If he just forwarded our addresses on to factory.
They WOULD send anywhere (almost) for a coupla bucks anyway.

It’s only an advertising or runout gimmick anyway?.

They a nice torch though I got the T model Copper.
With spiral groove down outer casing.
Runs 10440 all the time and 2 levels.
Like rifles. I like the heavier ones.
Maybe they open up to Aust too hey. Please.
We won’t take many.

I’ve never ran it for 10 minutes straight. Just a minute or two at a time. Maybe I’m just lucky. Been using it here and there for a couple of years.

Snagged one .

I like one mode lights .

And smooth beam profiles .

I got one in my cart but wont deliver to Canada site had the deal also but they are all gone.
If somebody in the usa wants this one pm


PM sent

Cool! Thanks for the heads up. I just signed up/ordered one.

Nice little light for little $. Good to have an extra little light on hand.

You got it, ordered for you bro

To hard to pass up for $5 bucks. Thanks for the heads up, there nice simple little key chain lights. :+1:

Yeah, it's a great deal if you like twisties.

(No one in my family does, however.)

Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the heads up!