Free Stuff Again. GONE GONE GONE Lumiled's Luxeon V2 3000K 70CRI

I ordered 10 5000K emitters and they sent me 10 3000K emitters. I have already talked to them and they are sending me the proper ones and didn’t request these back so if anyone wants them they can have them. I have to make a post office run in the morning so the first one to PM me their lower 48 mailing address can have them.

Sweet deal, very kind of ya to pass them along.
I’m sure I was too late.

Yes, the first gentleman was on the ball. He got it in less than a minute. I am doing some winter cleaning over here. I am sure I will have some more things popping up.

So how is the tint on those?

No clue. Didn’t even try one. 3000K isn’t my thing so I just passed them onto someone who might appreciate them. If I kept them they would sit around for years i’m sure.