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I posted over here on the driver design. It seems unique to me - 6 LED's, 3 sets of output circuits of FET+1's. I believe they are wired in parallel for input off the same pins from the processor though, so can't individually control them, but on the output side, they are independent. The MCU processor has a very limited # of I/O pins.


The EC06 arrived at my local post office, though closed today. Should get it tomorrow

Code please
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Ok - took some pics, made some measurements. I'd say I'm usually disappointed with a first look at output, yea like 99% of the time. The best #'s I'll measure with a maukka calibration factor is almost always lower then the spec, with some rare exceptions.

This EC06 though is utterly insane! I'm actually afraid to test it at 30 seconds because at 10 seconds, it's close to flesh damaging level, yet it's a fairly robust host, coning in at almost 100 g more than a Q8 at 501.5g for the EC06, Q8 at 409 g, and the bigger Convoy 3X21A at 577 g.

First set of cells I tried were a brand new set of Vapcell T42's, supposed slightly better performance than 40T's and measured 28090 at turn on! Ouch! Yes, flesh scorching hot in just a few seconds.

Measured again without re-charging over 10 secs: 27755 at turn on, 25360 at 5 secs, 24660 at 10 secs. Lumens are with the maukka calib factor. My old calib factor got 12% higher lumens, so these #'s are on the conservative side, but make note this is not at 30 seconds.

Throw with a 2 sec pause, taken at 5 m: 127 kcd

So what makes this light so hot? Well, it comes stock with 22 or 20 AWG spring bypasses on the only 3 springs in the light at the batt- end of the 21700's, and direct brass ring contact on the batt+ side. Also there's a unique power design to the driver, 3 separate output channels, 3 pairs of LED wires -- that has to help. I'm still not sure I can explain this because the best turn on lumens I've seen from a single XHP50.2 3V light is 4500, though probably could have gotten more. If I could get 5000 with a top cell, then x6 for the EC06 puts it at 30K, but the EC06 has 2 LED's per cell, therefore it should not do as good a a single LED driven by a single 21700.

I looked closely at the battery tube end, and the tweaks they've got factory stock is many of the things I've done in mods to similar lights. Haven't looked in detail at the driver and head assembly yet, but I expect more of the same. I'm almost thinking these guys studied my mod posts, but of course I'm not the only one doing them, and mostly they are common sense anyway.

I'm not sure what A2 stock settings the firmware has, but the surface temp really got hot quick, and I haven't even gone into Advanced UI mode yet. Sure hope top of ramp and/or 2C is set for max turbo in the Simple UI...

Couple more points:

  • the lens looks untreated. Either it's very good glass, AR coated but no noticeable tint, or if replaced with an AR, it will do about 5% better!
  • the beam looks decent enough to me, considering XHP50.2. For 6 LED's, of course you get the pedal effect on the outside of the flood
  • would like a SS bezel option, and of course color choices
  • like it has a tripod mount point
  • got a Convoy 3X21A flat top adapter to fit and work - just has to dremel/sand down the adapter about 1 mm in diameter to fit - now works excellent!
  • It does a little better in lumens then my MT03 TA with slight mods (triple XHP70.2), same length, smaller head diam then the MT03 but also throws better
  • amber/orange LED's in the switch come on sometimes, not sure, but think it's when the light gets hot - don't know what that's about. The standard green ones are top and bottom mounted, while the amber/orange ones are on the left and right sides

Thanks, Tom E, and everyone for your valuable input.

I'll take a code, and thank you, freeme!

No prob! But I did find it has excessive parasitic drain with the switch LED on hi - 2500 uA. There's a 0.5 K ohm resistor (0402) in the path - probably should be much higher. Interesting just the other day I found the Sofirn SP31 Pro also had excessive drain on the switch LED on hi of 1300 uA with a 1K 0402 resistor. I swapped that 1K for a 6.8K and now it does 276 uA on hi - much better.

The SP31 Pro switch LED's were super bright, too bright, and so are these on the EC06.

So the stock draw is as follows:

switch LED OFF: ~120 uA

switch LED Low: ~170 uA

switch LED Hi: ~2500 uA

Even 120 uA is a little high, but not bad. Typically it should be ~30 uA w/Anduril 2 on this type of driver.

For me I can swap the 0402 0.5 K resistor with about a 6.8K.

Wondering if Sofirn makes this light? Switch PCB has label on it which think it says Q8 Pro.

Code please Thanks freeme

Order placed
Thanks freeme

This light is fantastic !!! I tested it against an Imalent MS08 and it is even brighter than this when switched on with 3 Molicel P42A, I decided to buy 4 more and combine them to make a 100,000 lumens monster. Mateminco / Astrolux you are great !!!

Code please, thank you


Thanks, ordered.

Thank you for your continued support!

Code please :slight_smile:

Thank you, texas shooter, for confirming that I can not miss out on this exciting light. I did not receive the code, yet, so I ordered via the "Can't wait for our reply, Buy Now" button.

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