FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX® EC06 6*XHP50.2 16000lm 566m 3*21700 USB-C Flashlight Group Buy >>> $73.99

code please i am Interested

Hi freeme,

Any plans for a 5700k xhp50.2 model?

I will ask them tomorrow.

Would be awesome… :+1:

Posted a tear down review of the EC06 here:, with some measurements.

Works with only 1 or 2 batteries too?

I was told by an owner that it does, but I don’t own the light myself.

Sure, they are in parallel, any #

Bugger, waited too long.

Hi FreeMe. Still have some coupon codes?

I would wait for a 5000 to 5700ºK be it even at a bit higher price, but just in case BG doesn’t follow up, I’ll take this offering.



Thank you freeme for code I complete check out :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I will wait

Hi FreeMe. Still have some coupon codes please?

Coupon code for me too thanks for your work Freeme :person_with_crown:

Its Sofirn made. It is like Q8 21700 Pro version with 6 leds :money_mouth_face:

Do you have a code for me freeme? Thanks :slight_smile:

Interested,can i have the code pls?


Hi. Code please. Thanks.

A BIG thank you freeme!!! Just placed my order and can’t wait for the very under rated EC06 to get here :smiley: Now to order a couple sets of P42A cells! :+1: