FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX FT03S SFH55 9300lm & FT03 SFT40 2200lm 1300m NarsilM v1.3 USB-C - ALIVE

I bet we will see Skylumen start modding lights using the sbt-90.2 as soon as he gets his hands on some. It’s still a pretty new led.

Yes, with higher output comes higher amps, more heat and the battery runs down quicker. Simple physics. The FT03 with FET driver is already a hot rod. With high drain cells the SST-40 draws about 9A and the xhp50.2 draws about 16A. Who knows what the SBT-90.2 would draw?

I was estimating it would need to draw 30-35 amps to do 6300 lumen OTF. Battery choice will make a big difference with this led. A 30T might do those amps, while a Shockli 5500mah might only draw 20 amps. Something in that neighborhood.

I have not seen any output tests on this new led, but I’ve talked to folks with the Acebeam K75 and Texas_Ace about it (K75 is not delivering the rated lumens, probably due to it’s driver design, most likely a Buck driver). It’s pretty close to what an xhp70.2 would be (amperage and lumen wise) if it were 3v, had no dome and the die were slightly smaller.

Xhp70.2 has 4mm x 4mm die
Gen 1 SBT 90 has 3mm x 3mm die
I think the 90 in the name is die size related, sst40 is 2 x 2, so it stands to reason the gen 2 SBT 90 is still 3mm x 3mm (9 square mm).

PS, the xhp50.2 has a 3mm x 3mm die, but it has a dome and it does not draw as many amps as the SBT-90.2 can. This 90.2 has more output per mm. (Luminosity) which is why it throws so well.

Yh they will need to increase the thermal mass like in the MF01S. Probably increase the thickness of the LED shelf and add some cooling fins. Should do 4000+ lumens and 350+ kcd.

They don’t need to do that. It will work as is.

What your saying are some nice upgrades that will better handle the heat, but they may not want to redesign the light. Especially if they think sales will be low due to the higher price. We just have to wait and see.

I hope they go ahead with it whether they redesign the light or not. I wouldn’t mind paying even $80. The performance should be really close to a TN40 v2 which is bigger and costs much more. Also will be the same size as a T27 but with double the output.

Ordered, thanks!

Interested in SBT90G2 version.

We’re not sure if it’s happening yet. They’ll probably be a separate group buy for it if it does happen. BTW can someone make a poll so we can see how much interest there is and show it to Mateminco/Astrolux.

Please send codes for SST40 ft03

Thank you!

Please send codes for SST40 ft03
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Ordered 2 , Nice one!

Awesome. :THUMBS-UP:

Could I get the code please? Thank you :slight_smile:

Freeme did you ever ask about a FT03 with a flat white? Maybe now hank is making a new thrower they will consider making a FT03 with a flat white.

No, we didn't discuss about it. We only touched on the colored version this week.

can anyone tell me how many amps these pull in turbo?

One ordered - would have liked to add a few more - but demand of life keeps it real. Thank you for the code freeme - looking forward (very much!) to receipt of my third real flashlight (and first thrower).

Please send me a code, thank you!

Sst40 version is about 8-9 depending on the cell used. This is when fully charged. It could even be a bit less if using a weaker cell.

Osram 1mm2 white flat would be nice!