FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX FT03S SFH55 9300lm & FT03 SFT40 2200lm 1300m NarsilM v1.3 USB-C - ALIVE

ASTROLUX FT03S with SFH55 9300lm

SFH55 Group Buy Price: $61.99 (usual $72.96)

*depending on destination.

Freeme's Coupon: F11A99

SFT40 Group Buy Price: from $37.86 - $41.54 (usual $65.44)

*depending on destination.

Freeme's Coupon: request from us


Can't wait for our reply??

Special Price: $39.99 (usual $50.95)

Freeme's Coupon: BG03SFT40


from DJOZZ's post

SFT40 Preliminary Datasheet


[Apr 22] Factory has received the feedback from FT03s' owners. Known issues will be addressed.

[Feb 13] Preorder starts today.

[Jan 16] Banggood has informed factory to leave the bezel "unglued" (initial batch).

[Jan 12] Group Buy announced. Interested members please express in this thread.

Very first ASTROLUX light for 2019!

Group Buy Price: $29.99!!!

Freeme's Coupon: request through this thread

Deal #2: $31.99
Coupon: AFT03

Same batch of Sony VTC5As were used for the test. LUX value taken from 7m distance and computed into distance (meter).

Note: test result may differ ( by small percentage) when conducted with different battery, LUX meter, test distance and weather condition.


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Yes, I am back!!!

I am interested if there is a potential for the light to have an SST-20 option for maximum throw.

They have finally able to deliver USB-C fast charging! That is a good start for the year!

I am interested.

Will take note of that. Only one LED model has been announced so far.


BLF FW, 845m with an sst-40, USB-C. I don’t care if there’s other led options available or not I’m in, looks like a great LED swap host if nothing else!




I have no idea why some seller called it SST40.2... Please take it as SST-40-W for the time being.

[quote=Bob_McBob] SST40.2? [/quote]



This looks like they put S43 guts in a thrower body, which is fundamentally a good plan. I’m not sure about the SST-40 though. They only come in 6500K and are large, so fundamentally not very throwy. Is it dedomed?


Yes please ,interested


I’m in, Could be interesting.