FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX FT03S SFH55 9300lm & FT03 SFT40 2200lm 1300m NarsilM v1.3 USB-C - ALIVE

Interested for group buy coupon, if still available.

Edit: I am interested in standard black.

Interested in a blue/green ft03 with sst40 5000k and stainless bezel.
My last two i ordered got returned. They dont even let me know i had to contact them to see why its taking so long.

interested with sst40

All replied.

Using the code for the SST-40 standard black version: This coupon has expired

Code you sent me is expired

I'll will get it reactivated soon.

blue/green ft03 with sst40 5000k and stainless bezel I just checked, coupon is working.

The code is still expired but don’t worry, I ordered a green with sst40 5000k and black bezel (code works fine).


Black SST40 coupon has been renewed.

banggood told me they the flashlight I ordered was sent back to them from customs and couldn’t be sent. They cited regulations regarding the mailing of LED devices.
I have ordered many many flashlights in the past and never had a problem. This flashlight (astrolux ft03 xph 50.2) doesn’t even have a battery in it. I’m in the US if that makes any difference.
Anyone else ever have this problem?

Yes - I got an order from Hank at IOS being held up since Feb 28th, tracking says it arrived at JFK - no new news on it. Hank said this is normal, please wait.... Believe me, it's not normal for sure.

I’ve only had problems with shipments via China Post, “secury return” or something like that.
Not just with flashlights. I also had problems with a iron.

With the other carriers I have not had any problem.

As an example:
On February 17 I ordered a Nextool XHP50.2 with a 26650 battery inside, at GB.
On 18, shipping mail, shipped via BPost.
On 27, “Item is announced / bpost received the information”.
Today (March 11), it passed through the customs of my country.
If there is nothing strange tomorrow I will be receiving it.

can i get code if it’s still active?

Interested Astrolux FT03 SST40-W 2400lm + 1Pcs HLY 26650 5000mAh Neutral White 5000K. Please give me the code, thanks in advance.

is there still coupon code for this light on BG?

Boss I need next one coupon :smiley: , thx

FT03 bundle with astrolux holster(worth $6.16)

11.11 Sale Price: $31.99


Hi freeme, could you please send me a coupon?

:+1: me too

I missed this, only on 11.11?? :innocent: