✌ FREEME- ASTROLUX MF01 Mini 7*SST20 CRI95 26650 ANDÚRIL Flashlight Group Buy - $45.99

Hhmm. It's possible there's differences between NarsilM and Anduril regarding the voltage readings. I implemented the exact technique/source code that DEL wrote - it had more precision but still, I found it to need calibration. Mind you, I was a bit anal about voltage measurement - I wanted it accurate to 1/10th better than what's blinked out (0.001V).

Also the other major difference is my BLF drivers are using parts bought in the US from reputable distributors (Mouser, etc.) while these drivers are most likely sourced from parts in China -- I don't know that for a fact, but I'm assuming so. Lexel would know better. He could be providing the drivers complete, or not -- not sure.

From what I recall, the variables in the design are the MCU and the diode used for reverse polarity protection, both critical in effecting the voltage reading, and can have +/- tolerance ratings.

It might be wishfull thinking, hut I hope that I get higher quality ones from those limited editions. Or just that i’ll be luckier and get better pieces of the lot. 100$ is not really a budget light anymore.

That brings me to another quesgion, does the charging circuitry use independent voltage measurement (I think the answer is yes but I am not 100% sure)? It would be really bad if it tried to charge to battery to 0.3V more…

And not to bash the light so much, I just tried it outside in the field (night with no illumination) and I liked it really much! The beam spreads nout really nice, it has some flood and quite decent throw! The beam isnt as throwy and well defined as Q8 for example, but the MF01 MINI peerforms really nicely! It looks like a great EDC and its pocketable!! Outside the voltage measurement inaccuracies I am really happy with it!

Drivers will be the same regardless. Believe it or not the brass and copper lights are still cheap - easy $200-$500 I would expect from other sources.

Pretty sure the charging circuit is independent of the MCU monitored voltage. Funny - the typical chargers (NiteCore, etc.) are spec'd to +/- 0.05V, which to me is not very accurate. 4.15V is acceptable as a full charge, and by the time you get the cells off the charger, that level could be dropped even further. That's why I love the SkyRC MC3000 chargers - I got two, both set to 4.22V for full charge, and usually is dead-on.

It's a great power pocket light, and love the look, SS bezel, button feels about right. My smaller X9 though kills it in output with 3 XHP50.2 3V LED's. I'd still like to swap in LED's with more power, like the 351D's. Want to check if they fit in the optics, then tweak up the springs and LED wires, FET, etc.

Noob question regarding the trimmers, I see four of them on the light, am I correct in assuming they all change the brightness of the aux leds? If so, why are there four of them when I see only three different colors? Thanks.

I would ask here maybe: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/52582

Lexel is the AUX LED board designer, and sells board for lights that didn't come with one.

Possible he has one overall brightness level, then each of 3 levels can be tweaked. Or, one pot is for calibrating the LVP feature? Maybe? Dunno...

From op:
3.9v-4.2v: Green, d1, d2 on
3.3v-3.9v: d1, d2 on
2.9v-3.3v: Red on
<2.9v: All shut down with LVP
Using 4 trimmers to adjust the brightness of AUX LED.

One trimmer per color. There are 4 colors. Each trimmer has the letter next to the matching led color. Like Chatika vas Paus posted:
Low is red
High is green
D1 is blue
D2 is Pink

Ahh, ok - I took off the bezel and optics on mine and see the 4 different colors. RED is only lit if it's at low voltage.

In order from outer to inner:

  1. GREEN (high)
  2. BLUE (D1)
  3. PINK (D2)
  4. RED (Low)

Weird labeling but it works!

Received mine yesterday. Green, 5K. Yes it’s a little green in low levels, but not such disturbing in real life (I walked for half an hour yesterday night in the wet fields around the house…) exept in front of an absolutely white wall…
Nice quality, flawless…
Very nice little light, with too many abilities as it is…
The faster hand warmer I have !!!
Thanks freeme, it was an absolutely well worthing waiting…

I received mine (Gun Metal/4000K) on Monday, had a bit of time playing with it and am impressed.

I think the aux leds are a bit busy-looking, but because they serve a function, I’m not bothered. I’ll try tweaking them this weekend.

I’m not a big fan of on-board charging mainly because of the way a rubber cover can let in dirt or moisture. I’ll most likely keep this light away from the harsher elements and use it around the house and property. For backpacking, I’ll use a lighter and smaller light anyway.

It fits my hand nicely and is fine for a jacket pocket. No sharp edges or flaws anywhere. I gave up some lumens to have a warmer tint and I like the tint a lot. It’s still a powerful package and a nice mix of flood and throw. I’ll bet they’ll sell a heap of them.

I had to fish around with my tools to find a small enough screwdriver, but I had no problem adjusting the trimmers once I did. I turned down everything except green and it looks less busy now.

I used the light for a while tonight and I am glad I made the purchase. I was going to hold off on the first run but I see no issues with this light.

I also like the way it can use a 26650, 18650 and 21700 cell. Nice job Astrolux. I’m using a Shockli and I doubt I’ll use anything else, unless some sort of extended use situation comes up. Nice though for folks to have choices.

Anyone else pulled the driver yet? I’m assuming it’s de-solder the AUX and emitters; there didn’t seem to be enough give to bring the board out enough to get at the MCU.

Will also do a reflow at some stage with new emitters :slight_smile:

Yes, just a couple pages back. You undo 5 wires. ✌ FREEME- ASTROLUX MF01 Mini 7*SST20 CRI95 26650 ANDÚRIL Flashlight Group Buy - $45.99 - #1261 by Chatika_vas_Paus

Ah thanks - missed that somehow.


Thanks Freeme! Ordered two more in tan and gray! My green one showed up today and everything if functioning great! My new favorite light. I just got my Acebeam X45 two days ago and its a great flashlight but this MF01 mini is amazing! I love the UI! Ordered three diffuser as well.

Thanks for the info above on the trimmers. I have one last question before I adjust them. To increase the brightness of the aux leds, do I need to turn clockwise or counter clockwise? Maybe the light is more durable than I’m taking it for… I’m just worried I might break it!

The trimmers will move quite easily - you’ll know if it hits a stop. That said, some will spin continuously, but will go from 100% to 0% in a tiny turn(like hitting 12:00 on a watch).

Clockwise increases brightness, from memory.

never have enough torches i like the look on the 7 led :+1: just bought one Astrolux MF01 Mini 7

Freeme could you ask if there will be spare parts available for this light? I am interested in a copper MCPCB