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2019 ASTROLUX MF01 Mini Group Buy

7* Luminus SST20 6100lm (max.) with High CRI95 option


Baby ASTROLUX MF01 (Best Seller) is coming too!!!

Group Buy Price: $45.99!!!

Freeme's Coupon: Request through PM

Brightness: 6100 lumens

Color Temperature: CW/ NW

Body color: raw silver, sand, black, gray and olive/ army green

Battery Type: 1* 26650


Can't wait for our reply??

Special Price: $45.99

Coupon: BGMF01Mini

More true to life color (olive green) under natural sunlight.


  • Using 7x Luminus SST-20 LED
  • Max output up to 6100lm
  • Max beam candela is 34000cd
  • High efficiency direct drive driver
  • Aerospace grade aluminum alloy and stainless bezel
  • Advances AUX leds design with color change which indicates voltage change
  • High quality coated lens and optics
  • Hard III anodized and anti-slip knurling
  • Good heat dissipation with cooling fins


Emitter: 7* Luminus SST-20 LED, mounted on copper DTP MCPCB
Color temperature: cool white: 6500K; natural white: 5000K; warm white: 4000k
Body color: Black; Silver; Sand; Grey; Olive-green
Flux: 5,500 lumen theoretically ( up to 6100 lumen actually with samsung 30T 21700 )
Candela: 43,000cd
CRI: CRI95 (4000K)
Distance: 415 meters
Firmware: open-source GPL v3. Anduril firmware

Anduril extra modes:

  1. Candle mode
  2. Bike flasher
  3. Party strobe
  4. Tactical strobe
  5. Lightning storm mode
  6. Stepless dimming
  7. Normal brightness mode

AUX LED Color Charge:

  1. 3.9v-4.2v: Green, d1, d2 on
  2. 3.3v-3.9v: d1, d2 on
  3. 2.9v-3.3v: Red on
  4. <2.9v: All shut down with LVP
  5. Using 4 trimmers to adjust the brightness of AUX LED.


Package Included:

1 x Astrolux MF01 Mini Compact EDC Flashlight
2 x Spare Waterproof O-rings
1 x 21700 to 26650 battery adapter
1 x 18650 to 26650 battery adapter
1 x Lanyard
1 x User Manual

Perfecting the colors.

I have pushing for military color scheme to them for quite some time already. Glad it turn out well on these prototypes.



I am very interested in the light.


Interested depending on price



Wish this one had USB-C recharge. That was the only thing the Fireflies E07 was missing

Interested depending on price and complete specs


I’m interested

Interested, depending on price.

Interested depending on price, and driver specs.

maybe interested….aux leds? USB-C Charger port? 5000k SST20 LED? good anodyzing/color