✌ FREEME - ASTROLUX MF01S 15000lm Flashlight Group Buy - ENDED

I don’t see much problem with the brass and spring setup. You don’t want a sharp point sticking up reducing spring contact. If the solder is sticking up you can run an iron over the top to level it out. Be careful not to unsolder the wire.

I’ve seen you use Google and Flickr. I prefer Imgur. Did you try that?

Imgur is good, though it's blocked in China.

There is no minimum post requirement to post pics, but it's not super-intuitive.

Here's a guide:


Thank you both for your advice. I tried imgur on preview, image didn’t show so I used flickr.

raccoon city, I’ve been using your referenced link for posting images. Trying again with imgur. I’m in the US.

In case anyone else finds it useful, the image posting solution has been to use imgur - Direct Link address in Image URL box and Optional Link URL box with Image Link address from imgur.

Body discs removed.

Lower right disc flipped over so small postive discs appear to correspond to negative springs from image above, but they don’t as seen in lower image.

Yep, that’s what I thought. Thanks for the pic.

You could probably run an iron over that spring end to try and flatten that solder blob a bit.

Thank you, ordered holster.

What’s the story with these other colors?

There was no story at the place you found the picture?

They probably had a sample made of every color their anodization company could do to figure out which looked best to offer for sale. They obviously can’t offer every color, they’re already starting to reduce the options, so they have to narrow it down somehow. That’s my guess.

Orange would have been cool. I’m looking forward to similar color options on the mini.

I can confirm that flat top Samsung 30Q work fine.

Is this our RED version?

I don’t see any red in the above picture…

BTW: on BG product page, we see the brown one - second row, first one, but they ship the gold one - same row, third one…

Finally ordered tan/gold 4000k + two diffusers. :smiley:

Do you only see shades of gray?

Oh man, orange would have been incredible. I’d probably order a third one if they came out with that color.

I don’t see Red or “Cherry”. I’m calling it Raspberry. And my blue one is Blueberry.

Oh! What’s this “mini” being mentioned above?

MF01 Mini…

Well… i believe i can tell some colors… The finish that was pointed out does not look red to me either, more like squashed red fruit like raspberry indeed. However, for what i’ve seen of some ‘red’ lights, they did have some purple in them… Considering lighting conditions and white balance. So yes it could be it.

BG ‘red’ MF01S


Well, Lexel got back to me. I asked what the max regulated mode was (I assume the top of the ramp) and he says there is no regulated mode.

I asked what the max current is that he measured using high drain cells, but he doesn’t want to say. Or else he didn’t measure it.

So I don’t know what to tell you guys.

Didn’t toykeeper say it’s regulated upto about 600 lumens?