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ASTROLUX UV-C Flashlight Group Buy

MF01S and MF01 mini

Group Buy Price: from $XX.99

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Description Price Usual Coupon Store Link
ASTROLUX MF01S UVC $101.99 $142.95 BGSUVC Proceed
ASTROLUX MF01S UVC + 4* SAMSUNG 30Q 18650 $121.99 $162.95 BGSUVCB Proceed
ASTROLUX MF01 mini UVC $56.99 $79.95 BGUVC1 Proceed
ASTROLUX MF01 mini UVC Bundle + HLY 5000mAh 26650 $61.99 $84.95 BGUVCB Proceed


Name: Astrolux® MF01S-UVC Powerful Sterilizer Lamp
Brand: Astrolux
Model: MF01S-UVC
Sterilization mode: 18x UVC+UVA
UV wavelength: UVC275nm
Bulb power: 3.6W
Sterilization power: 54mW
Functions: Sterilization, Detection
Drop resistance: 1.5m
Waterproof: IPX7
Size: 122mm x 72mm x 52mm
Length: x Head Dia. x Body Dia.
Weight: 498g

Package Included:

1 x Astrolux® MF01S-UVC Powerful Sterilizer Lamp
1 x Goggle
1 x Lanyard
1 x Gimbal nut
2 x Spare waterproof o-rings

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Dangerous toys.

When will the normal MF01 mini be available with violet anodisation ?

UV-C, this can’t be real, say it isn’t real.

:confounded: Doesn’t UV C cause cancer in humans? Most UV-C lamps come with the advice to leave the room when turning them on.

Must be because of COVID 19 that Astrolux/Banggood is getting crazy now with disinfectant lamps.

UV-C is dangerous stuff. This tool is not mend for everyone.

Prototype will be sent over to local professional lab for test/ certification this week.

You will see more UV-C flashlight in the market in the coming months from other makers too.

Banggood with include safety glasses for their new UV-C flashlights.

Interested, hopefully will be cheaper than most uvc lamps currently, this could change rock hunting, if it’s under about $80 the would be one of the cheapest uvc light, especially if they make it in a single or quad/triple light

How can you use this? You are not supposed to see the light and breathe the ozone gas. They are used to clean rooms when there is no one inside.

No we are going to see more things that claim to be UV-C. They won’t actually be UV-C.

UV-C lights can’t use traditional silica glass. They need to use quartz. Optical quartz is very expensive.

The MF01S has a 72mm bezel. Looking through a catalog (and scaling up because I didn’t find any that large for sale) the price of the glass alone might be $150.

If there is anything other than quartz then the light isn’t producing UV-C. Bare emitters are also an option that would work.

Bare UV-C emitters are more dangerous than you can imagine. If an emitter is powerful enough to project sterilizing death rays several inches to a surface then touching that emitter for a few seconds will give a bad sunburn and after a few minutes guarantee skin cancer. According to the models anyway. They might not be accurate when dealing with levels that are 1000x more intense than what we see on a sunny day. (I will check my math again and cite sources in a later edit to this post.)

So what are all of these “UVC” emitters using? Anything but UVC! A quick search on ebay shows “365nm-380nm UVC” lights for example. It is likely that the lights are using something like this. Those LEDs are 310nm. UVC is defined as the area between 100nm and 280nm. Common germicidal lamps are 254nm. 310nm is UVB.

The difference in color between 254nm and 310nm is a factor of 1.22. That is about the same proportion as the difference between the colors yellow and red.

Actual UVC LEDs are also very expensive and I haven’t seen any cheap versions that looks legit.

Quartz glass is not that expensive in China, an example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000092520926.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.55.22ad38dd9RXlr1 . But I guess we want to know if they do use a quartz lens, and what leds are used, partnr or link please and wavelength and radiometric power.

And of course: this will be one dangerous flashlight if really UV-C, for your eyes but also for your skin, causing burns and it is carcinogenic.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, interested as I like to live on the edge…


how is this light supposed to be useful to an average blfer here?

Interested, depending on the final details.


interested…I guess

This light needs a remote control in my opinion.
Set the light in position,leave the room then turn it on.
That being said,I am interested.