✌ FREEME - ASTROLUX MF04S (XHP70.2) & MF04 (XHP35 HI) - BRASS@.@

It will be much lower than current BLF GT price.



My intention is to test the Lexel MF01 driver with xhp70.2 (6V) without modifying the battery carrier

What size driver does the MF04 use? Nobody knows.

Steel post a mf04 driver. Can you tell by looking at the picture?

I do not know
But from the photos of the Mateminco it has the same format and battery configuration of the Astrolux MF01/02

(photos by steel_1024)

I have a Lexel MF01 driver
If there are differences I will see how to adapt it

You beat me to posting that MF04 driver picture.

Here is the MF02 driver.

I would say they are pretty much the same. A 6 volt to 12 volt boost driver. Freeme said the drivers were different, so maybe he means it is a newer revision on the MF04.

The difference could be in the firmware

I’m making it clear that this is just a guess

Without sounding like too much of a weenie, what are the advantages of a Lexel driver?

Ramping mode like blf gt. you can get higher amp rating for the xhp 35, ability to use xhp70 or xhp50… you have to tell lexel all the information before you order.

Great! Thanks NL!

Interested, depending on price.


I guess I have to say I too am interested, price dependent. I like the look of the giant head and single cell length battery tube. :smiley:

Will there be the option of buying a long 2-carrier tube for the mf04? I’m guessing there will have to be some kind of adapter to go between the carriers to make contact.

Don't think driver can support that.

The thought there is probably to parallel the second battery carrier like the TK75 and TK61, the GT also parallel’s the second carrier. Voltage stays the same, capacity doubles. This doesn’t affect the driver at all.

I‘m curious how Mateminco/Astrolux have managed to balance the weight distribution with such a huge reflector and a short battery tube. I could imagine that the MT35/MF04 becomes very tail-heavy if extended by a long battery tube.

When will this flashlight available to buy?