FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX WP4 LEP 310lm 18650/18350 Flashlight Group Buy - ACTIVE $99


LEP 350lm* Compact EDC CT1 LEP

3 Modes Basic UI Flashlight Group Buy

Group Buy Price: $99 (usual $129.95)

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Price: $104 (usual $129.95)

Coupon: BGAWP4


Flashlight Specifications:

Name Astrolux® WP4 1303M 310LM Super Throw EDC LEP Flashlight
Material Aluminum alloy, hard anodized surface
Light source Special CT1 LEP module
Distance 1303 Meters
Intensity 425,000CD

Low- High -Strobe

Lumens 310lm
Driver Boosting Costant Current Driver
Battery 1x 18350 or 1x 18650 li-ion rechargeable battery (18650 is included, 18350 is not Included)
Impact Resistence 2m
Waterproof IPX6
Switch tail press

1* Glow ring (Included, installed)

16* 1.5*6mm glow tubes (Not included)

Size (±0.5mm)

with 18350 tube: 99*32*26mm (Length x Head dia. x Body dia.)

with 18650 tube: 129*32*26mm(Length x Head dia. x Body dia.)


  • High efficiency constant current drive circuit
  • Temperature control protection: when the flashlight temperature is too high, the flashlight will automatically reduce the brightness to prevent overheating
  • Low voltage prompt function
  • DIY Glow ring
  • DIY Glow tube strip


Singe click On Off
1 Tap / Low - High - Strobe
2 Taps / Strobe

Package included:

1 x Astrolux® WP4 LEP Flashlight with 18650 body tube

1 x 18350 battery tube

1 x Astrolux 18650 battery (Free gift)

1 x Glow ring (Free gift, installed)
2 x Spare waterproof O-rings

1 x Click

1 x Lanyard
1 x User Manual

(Not include DIY glow tubes)


You mean allways strobo in the modi ?

Is there mode memory? And is that a forward clicky for momentary on?

I have the Mateminco branded version of this light. It’s great.

The UI is fairly simple and it has a reverse clicky switch. It always starts on low, a tap from on will go to high, and that tap can be immediately after turn on if you want to get to high quickly. A double tap from on will go to strobe, which I wish wasn’t present.

I swapped a forward clicky into mine because it’s just better. I highly recommend that. A quick double tap from off now goes to high, and it’s momentary too which is nice. I almost never run into strobe with this setup and it works great. I also swapped in a black switch boot from an SC31T because the stock salmon colored boot is kind of ugly.

I highly recommend picking one up. This is my first LEP purchase and I’m not disappointed. Thanks freeme!

Thanks for the reply. But I’ll pass. Not having mode memory immediately turned me off. Maybe if it always turned on in high , I may think about it.
Oh well, I already have a Thor 1 & 2 to play with. And the much bigger acebeam w30

All replied.

Hi Freeme,

Can I have a code please?

All replied.

Could I get a code please?


Ordered, thanks.

May I get a code please?

Ordered, received, and I pretty much love it. Kinda hard not to if you like throwers. Thanks Freeme.

It is one of my favorite as well. 18650 is perfect EDC size for LEP in my opinion.

Can I get a code please?

All replied.

Free Astrolux SC01 USB charger with purchase of WP4 right now!

Would love a code too. Thank you!


Hi freeme can i get a code please