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LUMINTOP FWAA Flashlight Bundle LUMINTOP FWAA 3*CREE XP-G3/ Nichia/ SST20 Andúril 2 14500 Flashlight Sapphire Lens Upgrade - $3.36

Group Buy Price: from $LOW

Freeme's Coupon: ND25F

Emitter: 3 CREE XP-G3 (6500K) / Nichia 219C (3000K/4000K/5000K) / SST20 (4000K) LED

Please take note:
1) Retail version has Lumintop logos and serial number(on the opposite) engraved on the head unit, and bunny logo on button.
2) Both 2-way s/s clip and cigar grip will be included in the package.


  • Emitter: 3 CREE XP-G3 (6500K) / Nichia 219C (3000K/4000K/5000K@70CRI) / SST20 (4000K) LED
  • Optic: standard TIR optical lens
  • Flux: 1400 lm (XP-G3) / 1200lm (219C)
  • Intensity: ~2250 cd ANSI throw ~95 m
  • Firmware: free software called Andúril 2
  • User interfaces:
    • [1] Defaulted SMOOTH RAMPING. Instant access to TURBO mode is also provided.
    • [3] MOMENTARY mode.
    • [4] MUGGLE mode.
    • [5] Electronic LOCKOUT.
  • Other functions: Battery check, sunset, beacon, tactical strobe, party strobe, bike flasher, candlelight, lightning storm
  • Battery: one unprotected 14500 cell. Max length 50.5mm. Cell is not included.
  • Driver: FET+1 driver. Low parasitic drain while OFF
  • Body: aluminum with hard-coat anodizing
  • Switch: electronic tail switch
  • Ingress rating: Equivalent to IPX8
  • Weight: approximately ~ 30.5 g without cells
  • Size: 20.5 mm Ø head x - 70.9 mm length
  • Others: stainless steel 2-way pocket clip

(updated on Apr 13, 2021)

Andúril 2 UI Chart(unofficial) Created by Lux-Perpetua

Full text based Andúril 2 User Manual Here

Interest List:

66) SerenityNow (SENT)


edit: (2) Nichia 4000k

More interested If there are the same colors as the original fw3a (blue, purple, tan, green) color

Should be standard FW3A color for initial batch.

I’m interested


Interested, but update the spec sheet.



Interested! 14500 is my preferred pocket carry size so this will be a welcome addition. Please ask them for a deep carry clip though!! Not even bothered about the two way, but deep carry makes all the difference

Glass lens?

Why do I have a feeling this list will be in the thousands.

You know the next one will be a 26650 version.

I am interested in this version!

Nah. There’s the 21700 version which is slimmer and can have the same capacity as 26650 batteries. Now, a 10440 version would be very interesting! The ability to run aa and aaa respectively would be awesome! But I doubt will happen

Definitely interested

Interested. Edit - Nichia 4000k.