FREEME ✌ LUMINTOP FWAA Andúril 2 14500 Flashlight Deals - CL2 Bundle Deal

interested in Nichia 4000K

Hey everyone,would someone please post the diagram for the Anduril 2 operating system. I lost the one I had,Thanks Jim

I guess you are refererring to this, last page:

Yes thankyou

Order placed for 2 with the sst20 4000k and a couple H10’s.

You could keep any eye on this thread also.

That’s where I got the UI diagram from.

Thanks for your help jim

Did you get button top or flattop

Interested in sst20 4000k

Interested: SST20 (4000K) LED

All replied.

@freeme any comment on that beamshot with tint comparisons?

It’s too bad this is made by Lumintop. Professionally, I would reject every solder joint I’ve seen in this thread. The idea of this light is tempting. The reality of the production quality of the actual light makes me want to pass.

I knew this is coming even before i posted it. Nevertheless, just trying to be transparent with our work. I have already left a feedback through Neal.

That's right. Try not to pixel peep my images. Haha. Anyway, they should informed by now.



Could be the light pictured is a pre-production/prototype light also. Not to be pretty, just working imo.

I have never seen 219C 3000k 90CRI before, only 80CRI. A little skeptical of that


Thanks for your work managing this group buy.