FREEME ✌ LUMINTOP - In the Pipeline



It is not going to be cheap for sure...

Please, I ask manufacturers: please use differently colored USB ports :stuck_out_tongue:

It’d be very nice to have orange/yellow USB-A ports :stuck_out_tongue:

I sense 6s on turbo, than drop to 20%

Oh no… here we go again. :person_facepalming: Of all the capable budget manufacturers, why hasn’t Lumintop added an +80mm high-flow fan blowing through a CPU type heat sink to cool the floor plate? I still haven’t seen a proper or effective active cooling solution outside of DIY examples. What does exists are next to worthless and concentrate their designs on esthetics rather than functionality. Perhaps Lumintop could address this ongoing problem and produce an affordable industry first. This has been mentioned dozens of times throughout the years and gone largely ignored. Please, no more silly micro fans around the bezel or handle mounted fans blowing across the bezel!

Freeme, can you please yell at them for us and talk some sense into them? :smiley:

Interested in neutral/ warmwhite !

this looks so heavy, and not very heat dissipating for it's mass.
The Wurkoss TS32 looks batter for the prototype.
But I got to say, the handle looks really nice, heavy but nice.

I fully agree with you Flash Pilot.

Completely agree. It seems that flashlight manufacturers have not properly considered computer CPU style cooling methods.

What would be the purpose of colorful ports?

it needs more fins like the blf gt4 that thing will run hot for sure.

But does it have secondaries and Anduril? :stuck_out_tongue:

@tactical_grizzly, looking better, more distinct.

Plain white USB ports are just boring.

@FlashPilot, there’s quite the reason for it: R&D expenditure and ROI time.

If a flashlight design is cheap, then ROI time is low and you still get to get your 300000000 lumens for 0.001 seconds, getting your light to sell a lot and make a decent profit.

If a flashlight design is more expensive and requires some expensive R&D, it’s not really going to make a big difference to the big numbers on the spreadsheet and have much higher ROI time.

why get this over the GT4?


  • Compact size - usualy translate to lower manufacturing cost.
  • Higher output with new generation XHP70.
  • PD/QC3 Charging features
  • Cheaper to ship


  • Shorter throw
  • Harder to dissipate heat with smaller body. Thus, expect more aggressive stepdown.
  • Less battery capacity.


The Lumintop GT8 would be nice with XHP70.3, too.



Built in battery pack would be a dealbreaker for me.