[Freeme-QuickGB] ASTROLUX FT03 Stainless Steel Bezel Group Buy - ENDED

Interested in one depending on price.

Interested in 1 2 please

Interested in one depending on price.


Interested in one! Thanks.

Interested in one please. Thanks!

Interested in 1. Thanks!

I will need 3 total. If that makes a difference.

Sign me up for 2 then!


Interested for 2 :+1:

Interested in one.


in…for one

Interested if price is right.

In for one, thx…

I know we’re not talking massive sums of money here but this seems expensive for what it is. To put it into context, I bought a brand new Sofirn SP10 for $10 a few months ago.

Seems about right to me. A low demand aftermarket stainless part that would have to be made from a very large diameter piece of stock? Look at the C8 aftermarket bezels which have sold more than this will ever come close to and are still priced ~$4+

1 for me

True, I didn’t really check out pries of other bezels. I guess I was expecting a slightly lower group buy / BLF price of ~$5.