[Freeme-QuickGB] ASTROLUX FT03 Stainless Steel Bezel Group Buy - ENDED

[May 5, 2019] Preorder has started.

[Apr 22, 2019] Group Buy announced. Interested members please express in this thread.

Stainless Steel Bezel for ASTROLUX FT03

Group Buy Price: ENDED

Freeme's Coupon: request through this thread

Preorder starts TODAY!

Deal is limited to first 300 orders

Express Your Interest Below

with quantity if possible.

PM me from now on.

Interest list under group buy section.

No sure if you are in our list?

Use the search function located on top right hand corner.

Yeah for one.



Interested in one depending on price. Thanks freeme and AlexGT for starting original thread!


I’ll try one, thanks!

Interest in 2


interested in 1

I have included members who have replied on https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/72835


In for one, thanks!

This poll might give you information on who is interested in the steel bezel

2 for me! Thanx!

Put me on the list for 1 …thks

In for 1 or maybe even two if price is actually a bit lower than $9.99 :wink:

Interested in 2x

Between $6-8/pc.

I am in for two.