[♛ FreemeGB] ASTROLUX C8 Silver XP-L 1300Lumens 7/4 modes A6 Driver EDC LED Flashlight Group Buy - $16.99 (APP)




Seems like a very good price. I just got my Sofirn C8G and this seems really similar. Do the more experienced folks on the forum think there’s a use case for this guy if I already have the Sofirn? Since I’ve been reading this forum it seems like I buy a flashlight every day or two. My wife is starting to notice lol. So I bought her one yesterday. I think I might have a problem, in that I want one of every one I see pretty much.

Banggood is kind enough to supply the deal in advance for this product. Just drop by our site to claim it. [quote=Relampago] Interested [/quote]

Interested Sorry didn’t read properly. And based on the specs there is a built-in charger? Does the C8 have one or was it added specifically for this version?

pre-ordered :smiley:

Pre-Ordered, Thank You!

Specs corrected. There is no built-in charger for this light.

Offer ends June 15, 2019

Thanks freeme! Ordered one.

Edit: Fixed quote

Thank you!

Shipping has started. Less than a month to enjoy our discount!