[♛ FreemeGB] Convoy S12 3*SST20/ 3*219C 4000K-6500K 6A 21700 LED Flashlight - ALIVE

[Aug 29, 2019] Preorder starts.

[Aug 26, 2019] Interest check.

Convoy S12 Group Buy

3* Luminus SST20 / 3* Nichia 219C

Convoy very first triple emitter flashlight!

Group Buy Price: $23.99 ($26.27)

Coupon: Request in this thread.


Can't wait for our reply??

Special Price: $24.99 ($26.27)

Coupon: BGS12


Material: Aluminum Alloy

LED: luminus SST20 / nichia 219C with DTP copper plate

Driver: 4 modes 0.1%-3%-30%-100%, max current output 6000mA, Temperature protection management inside

Low voltage warning: Yes

Reverse polarity protection: Yes

Lens type: ar-coated glass

Reflector: smooth

Mode memory: Yes

Tailstand: Yes

Battery included: No

Required battery type: 21700 or 18650 lithium (protected or unprotected) (battery tube inner diameter 22mm)

Required battery quantity: 1pcs

Diameter(Head/Body): 34.6 / 27.4 mm

Length: 134 mm

Weight: 124g

Convoy S12

3*SST20 6500K undefined lumens

Retail Version

Peak Value

2030 lumens with Sony VTC5A

Verified by FreemeLAB

@1stein Thanks for the correction.

Looks very interesting, but I'm not a big fan of the emitter choices.

Interested, thanks freeme!

Looking for high CRI?


I was hoping for XP-L HI, which is my choice for FW3A.

It has the stats that I like.

I'm too picky for my own good.





Very interested

I’d bet Simon could make that happen for you, but it would be more expensive with them. I would guess that’s why he’s launching it with these first?


Interested as well

I'd be willing to pay more.

I think there would be some demand for it, as well.

I can wait for a different emitter, if it happens.

Keep in mind this light didn’t end up with an atinny25 based driver running Crescendo like Simon originally talked about. With an atinny25 it could also be flashed to Bistro. Instead Simon seems to have reused his existing 6A driver with 4 fixed modes and fixed mode memory. Not as interesting as it could have been.